NEW: the first I-size car seat with automatic strap tensioner

Safety is a priority for BABYmatters and BeSafe. The iZi Modular A X1 I-Size is the group 1 follow-up car seat with automatic strap tensioner for children aged 6 months (61cm) to 3-4 years (105cm). You can rest assured that your child is always safely strapped in.

Automatic seat belt system

Research has shown that children are quite often strapped incorrectly, with the parents not even realising they are not safe. In reaction, the Flemish foundation for traffic engineering VSV (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde) started the campaign “I promise to always buckle you up correctly”. Via the website, parents can sign up and make a promise to always carefully check whether their child is strapped in correctly.

Most of us are already aware that wearing a winter coat is a no-go in a car seat. But sometimes, your child is not securely strapped in without you realising it. To avoid incorrect use of car seats, BeSafe developed the iZi Modular A X1 I-Size which has a unique automatic seat belt system. The Active Retract Harness is a mechanism that ensures that the straps are always pulled tight. All you have to do as a parent is click the clasps closed; the system will then adjust the tension of the straps all by itself!

iZi Modular A X1 I-Size

Once your baby has grown out of his first car seat, it is time to get a follow-up seat. The iZi Modular A X1 I-Size allows you to transport your child in a forward-facing seat, on the same iZi Modular I-size ISOFIX-base as the iZi Go Modular X1 I-Size.

The benefits of the iZi Modular A X1 I-Size:

  • Active Retract Harness: a unique and automatic seat belt system.
  • Grows along with your child, from 61 to 105cm.
  • Can be installed both in a forward- as well as backward-facing position.
  • Is fitted with handy magnets to keep the shoulder straps to the side.
  • 4 different reclining positions.
  • Dynamic Force Absorber for even more head protection.
  • Ergo-Move shoulder straps for more comfort in the shoulder area.
  • Slide On SIP+: easy to install safety accessory.

Convinced? Order the BeSafe iZi Modular A X1 I-Size here!

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