On the road with Elodie

Hoppety hop, the children in the pram and before you know it, you can make long walks in the sun again. But what exactly are those baby essentials when you go on a trip? A diaper bag full of diapers, wipes and mashed vegetables, that’s for sure. But there is more… Discover all the must-haves for a walk or day trip, especially for hip babies and cool kids.

1. MONDO Stroller

It all starts with the practical and hip MONDO Stroller. This stroller has all the practicalities of a light, foldable buggy, but with the luxurious look that is so characteristic of Elodie.

What makes this stroller so special? Well, the MONDO stroller has a five-point harness with soft shoulder pads, which means your child is super safe and comfortable. The XL canopy ensures that your child can take a nap in peace and quiet, without being bothered by the light and noises around him. And best of all: it weighs only 6.8 kg and you can fold it up super compact, so it takes up almost no space in the car boot or at home. You can simply take it with you on the train or plane as hand luggage.

Because of the adjustable backrest, which can be lowered to a full sleeping position quickly and easily, and the available adapters for a group 0 car seat, the stroller is also suitable for new-borns. The sturdy chassis ensures that the stroller can carry up to 22 kg, so until your child is about 5 to 6 years old.

Finally, the MONDO stroller has a large storage basket with removable carrying bag; so you can take along all the bibs, shopping bags, backpacks you need!

Elodie MONDO stroller

2. Cap, hat or bonnet

Keeping your baby warm has never been so much fun with a nice hat, bonnet or beanie from Elodie! They are available in all sizes, shapes and materials. The vintage baby cap  are made of wool and cashmere, the winter bonnet has a warm teddy layer and the trendy beanies are made of the softest cotton.

Are you looking for a sun hat or a summer baby bonnet? Elodie’s hats and bonnets not only protect your little one from harmful UV rays, but also look super cute! Thanks to the longer flap at the back, your child’s shoulders and neck are also protected.

The Elodie hats and bonnets are available in different colours and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your child!

Elodie cap hat bonnet

3. pacifier and matching pacifier clip

What makes a spring walk even more fun for your baby? A nap outdoors, of course! And that’s always easier with their favourite pacifier in their mouth…

Did you know that Elodie is the first company to sell bamboo pacifiers? These cute little dummies are available in various earth colours that perfectly match the Elodie pacifier clips. You have the choice between a silicone or rubber teat.

Elodie pacifier blanket

4. time for blankets

Now your baby lies comfortably in his stroller, with his pacifier and a cap or sun hat to protect him against the sun. It doesn’t get any better than this.. does it? Of course it does! Thanks to the big basket at the bottom of the MONDO Stroller, you have enough space to take the favourite blanket of your little one with you.

The weather can very quickly change over here, so when it gets a little cooler, you just grab that wool knitted blanket, super soft cotton blanket (OEKO-tex certified!) or Pearl Velvet blanket and your baby can, nice and warm, explore the world.

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