3 fun storage solutions for MODU blocks

The soft MODU blocks are a hit with lots of children and parents. They get children moving and stimulate their creativity. MODU is not only good to boost their motor skills, but because of the many building possibilities, the system is very easy to store away. We offer some original ideas for storing MODU in a fun and practical way and integrate it in your interior.

Modular children’s furniture

For parents, MODU blocks are not only fun and durable toys, but there are countless ways to integrate the soft blocks into your interior.

You can build the nicest and most original (children’s) furniture with MODU: a handy side table, a chair on wheels, a slide and more... MODU is perfect for spontaneous play with the whole family! This toy is not only fun for children, but also for moms and dads.

Tip: Fancy a lazy day? Create a comfortable seat on wheels with MODU, so you don’t have to get up every time you need to get something. Simply glide along the floor of your living room.😉

MODU table storage under furniture

Neatly tidied away

Under the bed, next to the sofa or in the wardrobe... There is always a place somewhere in the living room or playroom to store the MODU blocks. The flexible design makes the blocks easy to stack and puzzle together; you can always find a place to put them.

Tip: did you know that the soft blocks are also dishwasher-safe? You can wash them quickly and easily at max. 40 °C.

MODU storage

Handy storage bag

No building inspiration? Check out our other MODU blogs full of fun creations or use the MODU travel bag to store everything away until you have new building ideas. Not only handy for indoors, but also for a sleepover with grandparents or a play date with friends.

No MODU kit in the house yet or looking for extra bits? Discover all the sets and parts here!

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