Elodie presents: the very first bamboo pacifier in the world

After years of development, it’s finally here: the very first bamboo pacifier! For their new generation of dummies, Elodie consciously went looking for a more environmentally friendly and recyclable material. The bamboo pacifiers are not only made of natural material, but also have a natural, earthy look. Read all about this unique bamboo pacifier here.

Environment-friendly pacifier

For two years, Elodie has searched for a durable material for their new dummies. Rice fibre, corn fibre, wheat fibre... They looked at them all, but the ideal material turned out to be: bamboo. In order to meet the high safety standard and to guarantee sturdiness, they eventually settled on a mix of bamboo and polypropylene. We are proud to say that Elodie is the first company to sell a sustainable dummy with a lower ecological footprint than plastic!

Elodie bamboo pacifier

Why bamboo?

Because bamboo needs little water to grow and reproduces quickly from its own root stock, it is not only a fast-growing plant, but also one that can be grown very ecologically. Moreover, the production of bamboo is not only less harmful to the environment, but the material is also very recyclable after use. The perfect durable alternative to plastic!

The bamboo pacifiers are available in two different types: one with a round, rubber teat and one with an orthodontic, silicone teat. Not quite sure which teat to choose? This blog can help you!

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