What do I need for my spring baby?

Are you expecting a baby this spring? Then it is high time to start finishing up your birth list or layette, and get all your baby necessities together. We have picked out a number of products that you should definitely be getting for your spring baby!

Hooray, you’re having a spring baby! Spring is one of the best seasons of the year, but it can be difficult to decide how to dress your baby or what you actually need. We are here to help you make the right choices!

Baby carrier

Your baby craves physical contact and wants to be close to you. The best way to offer this comfort and closeness is by taking a walk with your baby in a good ergonomic baby carrier. To make sure you both enjoy this stroll, make sure you dress your little one in one more layer of clothing than you are wearing. A baby carrier is also a great, soothing environment to calm a colicky baby. Read more about the benefits of a good ergonomic baby carrier here.

Baby hat

Your new-born loses a lot of body heat via his head. To keep him warm, it is important for your baby to wear a hat or bonnet in the first few months. The super soft, cotton beanies by Elodie are ideal!

Baby blanket

In spring, the weather can be unpredictable: one day it is grey and rainy, the next day the sun comes out and warms everything up. For colder spells, a hydrophilic blanket is perfect. It is compact and hardly takes up space, but it keeps your baby warm and also comes in handy if it does get hot and you want to wipe away a few drops of sweat from your baby’s brow. A tetra cloth is super versatile: read more about it here!

Wipes dispenser for on the go

When the weather gets better, more and more people venture outdoors. This handy and compact wipes dispenser by OXO Tot hardly takes up any space, is easy to take along with you and keeps your wet wipes moist. The dispenser has a smart strap to attach it to your stroller or diaper bag.

baby Wrap 

Are you going on a day trip? With the universal Voksi baby wrap, you can create a safe and comfy cocoon in the car seat or stroller. The wrap not only looks great, but is also made from high-quality material. Cotton not only keeps your little one warm, but is also a breathable fabric and easy to clean. Also Elodie has a lot of handy musthaves for on the road, discover them here.

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