5 tips to make the coolest creations with MODU blocks

The soft MODU blocks are great innovative and sustainable toys that will last for years. MODU offers endless possibilities for open-ended play. Do your MODU builders need some inspiration? You can use the following tips to make the most original creations and really stimulate your creativity!

1- Do your children also find it difficult to stay seated at the dining table? Why not let them design and build their own table! The table is not only fun to make (in other words: it keeps your kids busy while you are cooking dinner). No need to worry about stains on the tablecloth! The blocks can later be put in the dishwasher at (max.) 40 °C or you can put them in the bath when it is bath time for the kids. This makes Christmas dinner fun for young and old!

MODU table christmas tree

2- This year, people are putting up their Christmas trees a lot earlier than in other years. Which means it is high time to build a MODU Christmas tree! This is not only a very original tree, but it is also kid-proof and best of all: no needles!

3- The MODU Half Ball Kit is much more than just a set of half balls. They can upgrade your MODU creations and bring them to life. Why not use them to create a camel with humps, eyes or a bowling alley or catapult? Enough possibilities to let your creativity run wild!

MODU half ball kit

4- Lots of ideas to make new MODU creations! Cut out a number of fun figures from sturdy paper or cardboard, hang them over the pegs of your MODU creations to make a fiery rocket, a reindeer with huge antlers or maybe even a totem pole! This is a great way to quickly add some fun elements to your creations!

MODU obstacle course

5- Do you want to get the kids to play a game? ‘The floor is lava!’, ‘Travel around the world’ or an obstacle course are always a huge hit. Place the MODU blocks all over the floor and challenge the kids to jump from block to block. This is a great way to both have fun and work on your strength and balance. Win-win!

Would you like more information about MODU or buy a set as a gift? Discover more about MODU here!

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