BABYmatters’ conscious choice to go for sustainability

It is impossible to imagine business today without the hot topic of sustainability. And rightfully so, because we at BABYmatters, too, are serious about sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and corporate social responsibility. We are proud of all the efforts we are making in this area, as we work to reduce our ecological footprint. But at the same time, we continue to look for ways to do even better.

We would like to share with you how we at BABYmatters are making our business operations more sustainable. Who knows, we might just inspire you!

1. Sustainability check at our brands

What is most important to BABYmatters in our fight for a more sustainable baby world is this: how do our brands handle sustainability? What is the life span of a product? What materials is the product made of, and where was it made and by whom? These are the questions we ask before adding a new brand to our BABYmatters House of Brands.

BABYmatters therefore carries only brands that offer high-quality products that are built to last. Our BeSafe car seats, for example, or the modular MODU building toys, as well as the Yumi Yay night lights, all guarantee many years of quality. That is what we stand for, in our BABYmatters House of Brands. 

2. Reusable boxes

Hundreds of packages pass through warehouseman Bert’s hands every day. Both incoming packages and the many packages that BABYmatters dispatches to destinations across the Benelux countries. We have looked into how to reduce our environmental impact in this area. The solution we came up with is as simple as it is logical: we now reuse boxes from incoming deliveries to package the items we ship.

3. What Team BABYmatters itself is doing

For many years now, we at BABYmatters have seen the benefits of being based in an area that is easy to get to.  By consciously putting together a team of people who all live close to our offices, BABYmatters was able to invest in electric bicycles for the whole team. This meant the end of a packed car park, fewer cars on the road, and a drastic reduction of our combined ecological footprint. Hurray!

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