Space-saving baby products for when you are expecting your second child

Caro has a 3-year-old boy and is pregnant with baby number two: “When our son was born in 2017, we went for a mix of second-hand items and new, quality baby products that we would also be able to use if we would have a second baby. However, we discovered that a number of the items we had were actually not very handy or practical, so now I'm looking for compact baby products!” Want to see what I found? You can read it here!

Baby bath

Three years ago, we used a classic baby bath that you have to place on a stand and where you can drain the water with a flexible hose. However, I often had to lift a full bath to empty it in the bath or basin, which is not easy to do when you have just given birth. We also lived in a small apartment, and the bath was constantly in the way.

When I discovered the OXO Tot foldable baby bath, I was surprised by the amount of space I can save and how easy it is to use! Unfolding the bathtub is easy-peasy, and you can then put it near the sink or in the shower. It is slightly raised the middle, so you don't need a separate baby bath insert to avoid your baby from sliding underwater. Once your baby is completely clean, you can let the water drain away by pulling the bath stopper. Fold up, store away and done! This compact baby bath is an incredible space-saver!

Space-saving OXO Tot baby bath: wishlisted!

OXO Tot baby bath Elodie MONDO stroller


If there is one thing all parents unanimously agreed on three years ago, it was that a 3-in-1 stroller is indispensable. Ignorant as we were, we bought one - second-hand. It was a heavy, cumbersome contraption, with lots of accessories, which we immediately exchanged for a foldable stroller after 6 months.

Under the motto "We're not going to make the same mistake twice", this time we're going for Elodie's ultra-compact and light MONDO stroller. Your baby can lie flat for napping, and there are adapters to attach a car seat on the buggy as well. This allows you to use as soon as the baby is born. Where most strollers are suitable for children up to 18 kg and have limited storage space underneath, this MONDO stroller can carry children up to 22 kg and has a spacious storage basket, including a handy removable backpack. And I didn't even mention the huge canopy! You see, I can hardly hide my enthusiasm about this stroller.

And guess what? The Elodie MONDO comes in 9 fun colours and prints, which means that both fashionable moms and sporty dads can find one that suits their style!

Compact MONDO stroller by Elodie: wishlisted!

Bottle drying rack

Because I was mainly breastfeeding and our son hardly drank milk from a bottle, we didn't buy a bottle drying rack. I thought I didn't need it “because it would only take up space”. We did use more bottles and cups than expected, so our sink was often a mess of teats, baby bottles and cups.

Now that I've ordered the OXO Tot compact bottle drying rack, I know better... It surprises me how many baby bottles, teats and cups I can put on it. And instead of putting everything next to each other separately, you can stack everything on top of each other in a nice, orderly and hygienic manner. It all takes up much less space than before. Hooray, order in the kitchen again!

Smart bottle drying rack from OXO Tot: wishlisted!

BeSafe iZi Transfer OXO Tot bottle drying rack

Handy baby car set accessories

Our first car seat, suitable for new-borns, was part of the heavy 3-in-1 stroller we had bought. It was handy, but it just became too heavy for me to lift and carry, because of the weight of the car seat and the baby. Moreover, it also took up quite a lot of space.

We now have a better solution, and we can leave the car seat in the car. With the BeSafe iZi Transfer, we can easily lift our baby out of the car seat and take him with us. This means I only carry the weight of the baby, which is better for my back. If we go on a day trip or on a longer walk, I simply use our ergonomic baby carrier  or compact stroller. Mobility plus flexibility!

Super-handy BeSafe iZi Transfer: wishlisted!

I am convinced that these four baby products will not only save us space, but will also bring peace of mind and calm. Something we will definitely need in those first few months with a newborn and toddler in the house! 😉

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