Taking a trip with kids: what do you need?

This spring, you probably have a few family outings or walks planned! So what should you take with you when you go out with your child(ren)? Here’s a list of six must-have items.

1. Educational toys on the go with TIMIO

Facing a slightly longer car journey? Take the TIMIO audio player with you, and your child will never notice! They can learn their alphabet, or learn about animals and colours, or listen to songs – all without a screen and in eight languages! This music and audio player is a sustainable, responsible and educational toy. The TIMIO Player is ideal for children aged between 2 and 6 years old.

Why buy a TIMIO Player?

  • For screen-free learning and fun – no need to worry about screen time with TIMIO! Your child can enjoy fully interactive learning in a safe manner, without straining their eyes.
  • Promotes cognitive skills: TIMIO is not just a toy but is designed to help children learn different things in a fun way. TIMIO helps with:
    • Auditory, visual, and motor stimulation
    • Vocabulary, speaking, reading, and communication
    • Creativity
    • Cognitive skills and reading skills
    • Multilingualism
  • Simple and practical: because of its simple and solid shape and screen-less system, there is no need for adult supervision.
  • Travel proof: the TIMIO Player has a handle, headphone jack, and a handy storage bag.
  • Language development and multilingualism: with TIMIO you can enjoy educational games in eight languages. These are English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, and Portuguese (Brazilian).
trip kid educational toy TIMIO


2. Snacks on the go with OXO Tot

Snacks can be a real lifesaver! A small pot can give you twenty minutes of peace and quiet.

The OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup will be safe in your little one’s hands. The soft, flexible opening in the top of the lid makes sure your child can easily reach their snack, yet it also prevents the snacks from falling out of the cup. Ideal for raisins, grapes and other healthy snacks!

trip kid snack cup OXO Tot


3. OXO Tot drinking cups for refreshments on the go

It’s important that your child stays hydrated during longer trips. A handy, leak-proof drinking cup is the perfect solution. OXO Tot makes drinking cups for children from the age of four months old. Here are the main qualities of their drinking cups:

  • Leak-proof cups
  • Flexible silicone spout or straw
  • Ergonomically shaped cups that are specially designed for small children's hands.

Snacks and drinks on the go become a breeze for your child with OXO Tot products!

trip kid drinking cup OXO Tot


4. Walks with a stroller or baby carrier

Fancy stretching your legs? Whether you want to go hiking close to home or over a weekend at the seaside, hiking is a healthy choice for the whole family and a great idea! A useful stroller or baby carrier is essential for your trip.

A baby carrier allows you to carry your baby close to you. This close contact helps create a warm relationship with your child. A good baby carrier is safe, ergonomic, simple, durable, and long-lasting. The BeSafe Haven baby carrier provides all of these elements. Find out more about this soft-touch carrier here.

The Mondo by Elodie ensures you can take your child for a walk in style. This stroller is not only compact and easy to fold, it also weighs only 6.8 kg! With the storage bag, you can store or carry the Mondo easily and safely. Discover the range of different colours and prints here!

trip kid Haven baby carrier Mondo stroller


5. A diaper bag as a handy storage solution

Travelling with children also means you end up taking a lot with you. A large diaper bag is certainly handy for that!

What you need is the ability to put everything – from nappies to fruit, biscuits and bottles – in one bag when you go out. The diaper bags of Elodie are not only large and practical, but also super stylish. And the best part of all this? Once your kids have stopped wearing nappies, you can transform your diaper bag into a fab XL handbag or sports bag!

trip kid diaper bag Elodie


6. soft blankets for the perfect naps

A soft blanket is a must-have for your little one’s nap time. They come in all different materials: cotton, wool, bamboo, and more For naps in the car, choose a soft, breathable blanket. Discover various trendy soft blankets by Elodie here!

trip kid blanket Elodie




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