The educational audio and music player for kids

Do you want to let your children learn playfully? It’s possible with TIMIO! The TIMIO player is an interactive and educational audio and music player for children from 2 years. You receive 5 magnetic discs with each TIMIO player, all filled with stories, music and games.

TIMIO only uses sounds and LED lights, so there are no moving images. This way children learn to listen attentive and their eyes will not get tired as quickly. Thanks to the smart, simple design your children can play peacefully without any adult supervision. TIMIO is robust and a perfect fit for little hands. The player offers endless hours of fun at home and on the road.

Every TIMIO player is provided with 8 different languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Chinese-Mandarin, Italian and Portuguese. Young kids can use TIMIO in their native language to help develop their vocabulary. Challenge older kids by choosing a different language. Very interesting for bilingual families or when travelling abroad!

Do you want some more possibilities? Check out the 4 extension sets. Each set contains 5 different discs with varied themes: animals, fruit, vehicles, numbers, letters…



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