Discover the new collection of Elodie Details!

We are really proud to finally be able to show you the brand new spring collection of Elodie Details! Discover quickly all the beautiful new prints of ‘Weaves of Kindness’.

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What is vegan leather and why would you want it in your house?

The short answer? It’s pretty, sustainable and no animals have suffered. Our Elodie Details brand consciously chooses to only use vegan leather in their new autumn collection. Why? Continue to read on!

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Le Petit Parisien est arrivé! Discover the new Elodie Details collection!

The new autumn collection of Elodie Details has finally arrived! And.. it’s beautiful as always! Stylish, chic, playful… this season your baby will become ‘Le Petit Parisien’ (The little Parisian)!

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Welcome to Atelier Dreams!

Discover the new Spring Collection by Elodie Details!

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Muslin Magic!

Mommy Amaury couldn’t really picture it before she had a daughter of her own. Why do people use muslins? Now that Lucy is 1 year old, Amaury knows it really well!

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Diapers are for babies, Bags are for moms (and dads !) !

Why do we need a specific bag designed to carry around Diapers? Linda, founder of Elodie Details, shares her thoughts.

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Travel to 'Valleys of Himalaya'

Discover the new fall collection of Elodie Details!

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How to Travel with a toddler

Traveling with toddlers is a fun and rewarding experience, if you remember to put your worries away before leaving. Remember that, as long as your kid has food, water and a loving embrace nearby, they have all they need.

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