3 tips from mommy Lara for safe car journeys with children!

This summer, we drove to Brittany by car, already for the fourth time! I don’t have to tell you that it is a challenge with two children! If you are soon going on a long car trip with younger children, these tips might help you to facilitate the car journey!

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Which BeSafe carseat do I choose?

You don't know which car seat suits your child best? Our charts below will clearify things for you.

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An exclusive: BeSafe launches a car seat made of recycled PET-bottles!

28 recycled bottles, that’s what’s needed to create the cover of a limited edition BeSafe iZi Flex Fix i-Size carseat. The name of this exclusive new design? Blue Legacy, because leaving the ‘right’ legacy for future generations is exactly what matters.

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Why side impact protection is so important during car rides!

Children are – in case of a car crash- very vulnerable in the head area. The additional side protection that the car seats of BeSafe provide, is unique and can furthermore really make a difference! Keep reading!

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Why rearfacing car seats are 5 X safer

Why is it so much safer to drive your child around in the rear facing position? We’ll go over the two possible scenarios during a frontal collision. This is the type of collision that’s most common and usually has the most serious consequences. During a frontal collision, the head is always catapulted forwards and backwards. The shock of that first movement is always much bigger than the shock of the second movement.

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Rotation for the new generation!

For more than 30 years, our car seat brand BeSafe has been making rear-facing car seats, because it is 5 times safer to transport your children in a rear-facing position instead of a forward-facing one. BeSafe has used its many years of experience and expertise to develop a brand new innovative car seat! Welcome, iZi Twist B i-Size – the very first rotating car seat of BeSafe!

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BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size: the car seat solution from birth up to 4 years old!

The iZi Modular Family is an i-Size approved car seat concept for newborn babies up to 4 year old toddlers!

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BeSafe car seats now even safer

People have known for a long time that BeSafe has been manufacturing the safest car seats for many years. But BeSafe keeps working on/innovating even those supersafe car seats with the aim of… creating even more safety and comfort. Because for the very little ones, only the best is good enough!

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