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Why neuroscientist and mom Lisa is such a huge fan of MODU

Lisa Pauwels, better known as @crispandhazy on Instagram, has a 1-year-old boy named Noah and has been a big fan of MODU ever since it came onto the market! When working on her PhD in neuroscience, she focused on optimisation of the locomotor system. Her research looked at how we can optimise the process of learning motor skills. Lisa shares her views on the soft MODU blocks!

Because of her academic research background, Lisa knows like no other which neurological processes are involved in the development of motor skills. She literally looked into the brains of her test subjects to map out all the important activation patterns.

Now that she is a mother herself, she feels it is important to let her son Noah develop at his own pace, but she also tries to stimulate and challenge him at his level.

Repetition versus challenges

When we continuously have to do the same task in the same way, for instance continuously push the same shape into the right hole, we do not optimally store this task in our memory. The reason is because we repeat the task so often, we don't even have to think about it anymore.

Toys which lack variation, however, should not be completely dismissed, according to Lisa. The lack of variation results in a lot of repetition, making the task itself a lot easier at the time. This may not be the best way to store a skill in your long-term memory, but in the short term, it is an interesting way to boost performance, which again boosts motivation!

By offering your child toys that are both varied and challenging, and letting him try and fail, you ensure that tasks are properly stored on his ‘internal hard disk’. Variation provides an additional challenge, making it easier to concentrate on a task. Toys that do not offer a lot of variation, quickly become boring, which causes us to lose attention and concentration. And that extra concentration is what is important to store a skill in the long-term memory.

BABYmatters Why mom and neuroscientist Lisa is a fan of MODU

Open-ended play with MODU

What makes MODU so interesting according to Lisa? It is a sustainable and open-ended toy, and the game never has a fixed ending. You constantly have to use your own imagination and creativity to build things.

MODU stimulates dexterity and also challenges a child's balance and eye-hand coordination. MODU is sustainable and durable, creating lots of options to build and create. It grows along with your child, always challenging them at their own level.

This way, MODU not only allows your child to develop his motor skills, but it also stimulates his creativity and cognitive functions, such as planning and solving problems. Everyone can play with the soft blocks, which means that children can also play together with their parents, siblings, friends...

In short, the neuroscientist in Lisa is very enthusiastic about the way in which MODU has an impact on so many different areas of the brain and helps develop motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

MODU is suitable for every child! Whether you start with the Curiosity Kit or decide to go for the Dreamer Kit straight away: you can always expand your MODU collection!

Do you already have a MODU kit in your home? Look at our coolest MODU creations for more inspiration!

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