Help! Which car seat do I choose for my baby?

Looking for a car seat and don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back! A safe car seat is of vital importance, so we are happy to guide you through our range of BeSafe i-Size car seats for children from age 0 to +/- 4 years!

This is what makes BeSafe i-Size car seats so safe and unique:

  • For 30 years, BeSafe has specialised in car seats that can be placed in the opposite direction of travel (facing backward). This is the safest way to transport infants up to 4 years of age.
  • Universal Level Technology™: the innovative installation method that ensures that the car seat can always be placed horizontally, regardless of the angle of the car seat. This way, you can avoid your child’s head falling forward.
  • Dynamic Force Absorber™: this provides extra safety. These innovative zones in the headrest ensure that the force of a side impact is optimally absorbed.
  • Built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat shell + additional side impact protection (SIP+).
Which car seat do I choose best?

Which car seat should I choose for my baby?

If you are looking for a solution that will last from birth to age 3-4 years, BeSafe has two options for you: the iZi Modular i-Size concept and the iZi Twist B i-Size rotating car seat. Simply go for the option that best suits your family!

  • iZi Modular i-Size concept

With this concept, children up to 75 cm in height are transported in the portable car seat, namely the iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size. This car seat is always installed facing backward and can be used separately from the ISOfix i-Size base. Also, this car seat gives you the option to fit it onto your stroller, using adapters.

Use this car seat for as long as possible. You can switch seats as soon as your child’s head pops out above this seat, when he is 75 cm tall or when the car seat becomes a little too heavy for you to carry.

The iZi Modular (A) X1 i-Size is the follow-on car seat that you can use for children between 61 cm and 105 cm in height. This car seat can be used both facing backwards and forward. 

The advantage of the iZi Modular i-Size system is that you can easily transfer the seat from one car to another. This is very handy when both parents have a car or when your little one is spending some time with the grandparents. You can then either transfer the i-Size ISOfix base or install a base in each car, so that all you have to do is click the car seat on it.

Which rotation car seat do I choose best?

Rotating car seats are very easy to use. You can simply rotate the car seat toward the door to make it easier to get your baby out of the seat and transfer him into a baby carrier or stroller.

The iZi Twist B i-Size is suitable for children from 40 to 105 cm in height. This car seat combines the best of two car seats in one and can only be installed facing backward, using the integrated ISOfix base.

Tip: If you want to avoid waking your baby up when transferring him from the seat, try the new iZi Transfer! Your baby stays in this transfer unit while you safely and easily put him in the car or take him out of the car seat.

  • Did you borrow a baby car seat from someone else?

In that case, the iZi Turn i-Size car seat is an interesting follow-up option for you! This rotating car seat is suitable for infants from 61 cm in height, and is placed against the direction of travel (facing backward). Once your baby is 85 cm tall, the seat can be installed both in a forward- as well as backward-facing position. The iZi Turn i-Size car seat is suitable for infants up to 3-4 years (105 cm).

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