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“Oh there’s a second heartbeat! I’ll congratulate you twice then!”

Those are words which would surprise every human being. Especially if you know that mommy Melinda already had a little one of 3 years old running around at that time. And except for euphoria of the two miracles in her belly, Melinda’s mommy brain still started to spin completely..  

 “But we don’t have enough rooms.. that amount of diapers won’t fit on our changing pad.. now I’ll have to look for two godmothers and two godfathers.. how will I take a selfie with two babies in my arms.. and will our car be big enough?” 

Fortunately, in times of pure panic I can count on my husband. Although he doesn’t have our mommy instincts, he always manages to handle problems calmly. Step by step!

So step 1: buying a new car!

Our car was quite large, but fitting in 3 car seats for children next to each other on the back seat was just impossible. Fortunately, at that time, a new model of Peugeot was launched that could even transport 5 kids. We could even expand our family further. Step one was taken care off (which mom doesn’t like making list, am I right?!)

Step 2: buying car seats!

You would think that’s an easy task. Just consulting Google on your laptop and that’s it. Not really. There are dozens of models which are suggested, in all colours, with or without isofix, with extra airbags or neck support, some forward facing and others rear-facing, etc. Afters hours of research, we found a few models that we liked. Car seats that could rotate. Ideal! I called the shop to see whether they were available: ‘Yes ma’am, but bring your car so we can see if they fit in your car.”

So that’s what happened. Imagine. Three sales persons, each one carrying a car seat, walking out the shop to your car, trying to place the car seats in the car while you stand there, hoping that they don’t scratch your car or tear the padding. After 5 minutes of clumsiness “Yes ma’am, they’re installed. Nice, right?”

“Yes but.. how can they still rotate?” What we, and the sales people, didn’t know on beforehand was that the turning radius of those things is much larger than the width of the seat. So, there the seats went, back to the shop. Rotation seats were consequently not an option.

That evening, I posted a temporary post on Instagram, asking people for advice on their experience with certain models or brands of car seats, because I could no longer see the wood for the trees. Fortunately, a lot of people reacted and a lot a moms gave me the advice to take a look at the brand ‘BeSafe’. After doing a bit of research, I was actually already sold. BeSafe has, as one of only a few brands, car seats which you can place rear-faced for a very long time, until your children are four years old! That’s not all: you should be able to place 3 BeSafe car seats neatly next to each other on the back seat.

It already sounded promising, but I still chose to test if this wasn’t just a sales pitch. On the contrary… click, click and done! In no time the car seats were placed in the car and I just stood by watching. Sold!

Step 3: check!

Completely ready for adventures with my three little ones safe and sound on the back seat!

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