Why cuddles and blinkies are so great

Are you looking for a soft toy or a blinkie for your baby, your grandchild or maybe your niece? Soft toys do not only look nice, they also play an important role in a child's life. Think back to your own favourite soft toy when you were little. I'm sure you can even remember their name!

Why are soft toys so important for your child and why should you take them everywhere? And why buy a soft toy or a blinkie (perfect mix between a cuddly toy and a blanket) from Elodie to give as a gift?

The Benefits of a Favourite Soft Toy

Thumb-sucking and putting their fists in their own mouths soon make way for the first soft toy or soothing blanket. Why do so many children have a favourite soft toy and what are the benefits? A soft toy or soothing blanket

  • offers a child more security, gives comfort and helps them in the development of independence.
  • helps with the transition from baby to child. Parents aren't always around, so the soft toy offers comfort and softness. The soft toy, therefore, plays a major role in the emotional development of the child.
  • stimulates their imagination and creativity. Before too long the soft toy will start to play the leading role in several invented stories.

Still, not every child has a favourite soft toy or soothing blanket. But this is nothing to worry about. After a few years, the bond with their favourite soft toy will automatically diminish.

soft cuddly toys and blinkies for babies and children Elodie

The Various Elodie Soft Toys and Soothing Blankets

The Elodie blinkies are a real bestseller. They come in different colours, but always in the same timeless design.

  • Made of 100% soft bamboo cotton
  • Perfect size (41 cm)
  • Individual names: Amber, Belle, Bonnie, Goldie, Sandy, Bo, Coco and Blue

The Elodie soft toys are slightly larger and sturdier, and have legs and arms.

  • Made of 100% natural cotton
  • Different characters with their own names: Forest Mouse Max, White Tiger Walter, Loving Lily, Sweet Gold Harry, Kindly Konrad, Popping Green Pauline and Humble Hugo

An Elodie soft toy or blinkie makes the perfect gift. Discover the range here.


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