10 Life Hacks with a Baby Storage Container

Mums and dads have got a lot on their plate, so any tips to make life a little easier are very welcome. We put together 10 life hacks using the OXO Tot storage containers. They will not only save you time as a parent, but you can even get your child involved!

1. Peel an egg

There's nothing better than a soft-boiled egg on a Sunday morning. That is, until you have to peel the egg, which can sometimes take almost as long as boiling it. This life hack will make peeling eggs a piece of cake!

  1. Boil the egg.
  2. Take a plastic container with a lid and fill it about 3/4 full of water.
  3. Put the boiled egg in the box and put the lid on.
  4. Have your child give it a good shake.
  5. Take the egg out and the shell comes off much easier!

2. Keeping fruit and vegetable purees fresh for longer

Cutting/peeling the vegetables, boiling/steaming them and finally blending them. Preparing fruit and vegetable purees takes up a lot of time, so it would be a shame if they turned bad before your baby has taken their first spoonfuls. Because the OXO Tot freezer containers are airtight, you can prepare baby's meals in advance with peace of mind.

OXO Tot food container

3. Overnight oats

You survived the evening rush hour: the kids are in bed. Save yourself some time in the morning rush and prepare your breakfast the night before. Do you and the kids like a nice bowl of oatmeal in the morning? Then overnight oats are just the thing for your family.

  1. Mix some porridge oats and milk of your choice in a 120ml OXO Tot glass container.
  2. Add a few more flavourings like cinnamon, maple syrup, cocoa powder....
  3. Place the container in the fridge until the next morning.

Optional: in the morning, you can heat up the porridge quickly in the microwave.

Optional: Top it off with some fresh/dried fruit, nuts, seeds....

4. Picnic

A sunny day calls for a nice picnic in the park! The OXO Tot storage containers are great to take with you, because they are leakproof. This makes them perfect to store fresh fruit, vegetables, dips... and to take them along to a picnic with the kids.

5. Bye bye, dirty school bag

Every mum and dad has probably experienced this at some time or other: a box with fruit has leaked and turned your child's school bag into a compost container. With the OXO Tot storage containers this is a thing of the past, because not only are they leakproof, they are also airtight, which means that everything stays fresher. So they're the perfect fruit or snack box for your school-going children!

OXO Tot snack box food container

6. Cooking with children

Getting your child to beat an egg without making a mess? Check! Crack an egg into a plastic or glass container, put the lid on and give it a good shake. Your egg will be beaten in no time and your kitchen stays clean! ;-)

7. Time for dessert

The 120ml glass OXO Tot storage containers are perfect for storing chocolate mousse, vanilla pudding and many other treats. Put your favourite dessert directly into the container. And if you didn't finish it, just put the lid on and it can go straight into the fridge.

8. Baby teeth

Does the tooth fairy come to your house? The smallest OXO Tot storage boxes (capacity 60ml) are perfect for saving baby teeth. Decorate them with fun stickers and you're good to go.

9. Meal prep

Do you have some time and feel like cooking for a day? Prepare part of your weekly menu and store pre-cut vegetables in an airtight container with a lid.

10. Spice jar

Some spices aren't used very often and they can get stale after a while in the jar they came in. Keep them fresh for longer in a 60ml plastic container with an airtight lid.

The OXO Tot storage containers are extremely versatile and can be used for much more than just fruit and vegetable purees. In addition, they will last for years, making them durable as well. Discover all the OXO Tot containers here!

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