When Should I Switch My Baby's Car Seat?

In Belgium, children up to 1m35 must be transported in a car seat adapted to their weight or length. A group 0 car seat is used from birth. You can usually use these up until the age of 1, but how do you know for sure when it's time to switch to a group 1 car seat? With our tips and steps you will know perfectly when your baby needs another car seat!

From birth, BeSafe offers two options:

  • You can choose a group 0 seat, which can be used up to 75 cm (about 1 year), followed by a group 1 seat, which can be used up to about 4 years of age.
  • Or you can opt for a 2-in-1 car seat that combines group 0 and 1, so you don't have to change car seats straight away.
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From baby to toddler

The classic baby car seat or group 0 car seat will last until your baby is about 1 year old. This car seat is installed on an ISOfix base or attached by using the seat belt, and always rearfaced. The group 0 car seat is easy to carry and can be clicked onto a stroller for transportation.

When is my child ready for a group 1 car seat?

The group 0 car seat should be used for as long as possible. This car seat not only gives you flexibility as a parent, but it also gives your baby the best side impact protection. Go through the steps below to find out if your little one is ready for the next car seat:

Step 1: Check under which regulations the car seat falls.

Whether it is safe to change your baby's car seat, depends on the regulations under which it falls.

Under the old ECE R44-04 regulation, it was mainly the child's weight that determined which car seat was required. As a consequence, babies were often positioned facing the direction of travel too soon (starting from 9kg).

The i-Size regulations were developed to prevent misuse. UN R129 or i-Size is the most recent standard for car seats. It is based on three main pillars:

  • Manufacturers are obliged to provide a car seat that allows children to be transported rearfaced up to at least 15 months.
  • The child's height is considered and not just the weight.
  • An i-Size car seat meets a number of important requirements regarding side impact protection, something that was not covered in the old regulations.

Read all about the importance of i-Size on our blog.

When to change car seat of baby

Step 2: Check the shoulder straps and the distance from the top of the car seat

When the distance between your child's head and the top of the car seat is about 2 fingers, it's time to switch to the toddler car seat. It is best to start looking for a successor to the group 0 car seat earlier, because this "2 finger" measurement is actually a kind of buffer.

Also check the shoulder straps. Do they still sit nice and straight on the shoulders or do they actually hang next to the shoulders? This can also be an indication that it is time to switch.

Would you like to switch to the next car seat sooner? Then make sure your child can sit up unaided. Group 1 car seats are usually more upright, which means that your baby needs a certain amount of sturdiness and stability.

Toddler car seats

The toddler car seats by BeSafe can be used from 61 cm up to 105 cm. With these car seats your child can be transported rear faced until approximately 4 years. You can choose between rotating or non-rotating car seats. These are the possible BeSafe car seats for toddlers:

5 car accessories baby

5 handy car accessories for your baby

  1. Do you use a 2-in-1 car seat that combines group 0 and group 1? Or do you just find it easier to leave the car seat in the car? Then the iZi Transfer is a great accessory for carrying your baby from the car seat to the house or the buggy!
  2. To prevent misuse, an ISOfix base is recommended. The group 0 car seat can be quickly and safely clicked into place, so you no longer have to fiddle with the seat belt.
  3. Keep an eye on your little one with one of our baby mirrors. With this car mirror (with or without light) you can still see your child even when they sit against the direction of travel.
  4. Accidents are bound to happen, so a car seat cover is indispensable. The summer cover is machine washable, so your car seat will look like new for longer!
  5. Prevent your little one getting a sweaty back on hot days and choose a BeSafe i-Size car seat in Peak Mesh. This is the first i-Size car seat with integrated breathable fabric!

Discover all the BeSafe baby car seats (group 0) and toddler car seats (group 1) here!

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