Why a car seat that meets the i-Size standard is so much safer!

The newest standard for car seats is ‘i-Size’, but what does i-Size mean exactly? And how does this new standard differ from the old ECE R44-04 standard? And how do the BeSafe car seats fit in within this new legislation? You can read all about it here!

In July 2013, phase 1 of the i-Size car seats regulation took effect, and they were very happy about that at our car seat brand BeSafe. BeSafe has been carrying out pioneering work in the field of car safety for children for more than 30 years. Car seats that can be used rear-facing for as long as possible play an important role in improving car safety.

And that is also what the new i-Size regulations focus on, as it forces car seat manufacturers to make car seats which children up to age 15 months can sit in while facing backward. This rear-facing trend is a huge step forward compared to the current requirement of 9kg (approx. 9 months).

Why did we need new legislation?

Well, the reason is quite simple: the current ECE R44/04 regulation is outdated in quite a number of respects:

  • Children are placed in forward-facing car seats way too quickly. The old standard allows forward-facing car seats from 9kg upward, but children are still too young at that age and the risk of neck injuries is still a lot higher. 
  • The old standard has no rules for protection against side-impact crashes.
  • The ECE R44/04 also offers too much leeway to install car seats incorrectly.

Three reasons why an i-Size car seat is much safer!

  1. The new i-Size regulation forces car seat manufacturers to make car seats which children up to age 15 months can sit in while facing backward. Hooray! At last!
  2. The ECE R44/04 standard does not contain any rules or obligations about body height, but the i-Size does. And the height of a child is a lot safer as a measure to determine what type of car seat a child needs.
  3. The i-Size standard specifies that car seats have to comply with a number of requirements regarding side-impact protection, and this is also tested. Car seats that do not offer extra head protection have to be updated or are not given the i-Size label and have to continue carrying the R44/04 label.

BeSafe is a real i-Size pioneer, and we can be proud of that!

Find out more about the i-Size Modular Family of car seats for newborns to children aged 4 here.
The i-Size rotational car seats, suitable for new-borns to children aged 4, can be found here.
Are you looking for a group 2/3 car seat that meets the i-Size standard? Look at the iZi Flex Fix i-Size! It is the first car seat in the world for larger children that is i-Size approved. And you can fit up to three car seats side by side on the back seat!


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