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Three on the back seat!

According to the latest figures published by the Belgian government, the average family in Belgium comprises 2.1 children. Oops! With my three kids I’m somewhat above that! But I never was that good at statistics, so me overdoing things statistically speaking should not come as a surprise to anyone. But making a conscious decision to have a slightly bigger family can occasionally cause frowns to appear…

Many people worried on my behalf that 3 children would lead to all kinds of practical problems. But I can put everyone’s mind at rest, it has all gone much better than they expected. Here are the main clichés:

1. “Oh! Three children! You haven’t got enough bedrooms!”

No need to panic, brothers and sisters generally like being together (Well, 90% of the time. No, better make that 80%.) so they often think sharing a room is great fun. And if they don’t, we make it fun. Because now and then, once I’ve managed to undress and wash all three, put their pyjamas on, ensured their teeth have been cleaned, read them a story and tucked them in… I make them chat for 5 minutes. The whispered giggling that can then be heard through the baby monitor is priceless.

2. “Oh! Three children! You haven’t got enough hands!”

Not entirely untrue, of course. As a mum you’ve never got enough hands, I can’t deny that. But you have the same problem with two children and even with one. Without fail the doorbell will ring while you’re in the middle of doing a puzzle or child number one goes into meltdown just as you are drawing on the pavement with child number two or child number one, child number two and child number three all rush off in different directions when you are out in public.

My #momhack for this? My ergonomic baby carrier. Halleluiah!

This way I can immobilize child number three while fetching the two bigger ones from school. Or she can continue to have an afternoon nap while I take the other two on a ride at Efteling amusement park. (This really happened. And don’t worry, we didn’t go on a roller coaster.)

3. “Oh! Three children! You haven’t got enough room in the car!”

The top of the list of all misconceptions, because it’s the one I heard the most. “You are going to have to buy a new car!” I must confess, we did! Because when our youngest daughter was born two years ago it quickly became clear to me that we would never get three car seats next to each other on the back seat. And transporting children safely in the car is something I am passionate about (along with excessive use of suntan lotion). I insist on my children being strapped into in an appropriate car seat, preferably with their back to the oncoming traffic for as long as possible because that is 5x safer.

Which is why I very quickly opted for BeSafe car seats, the safest on the market. Why? Because BeSafe have been making rear-facing car seats for twenty years. Twenty years! The expertise they have acquired is incredible and you really notice this when you consider all the innovations they incorporate when developing their seats. That and the excellent results in crash tests meant that my three kids, in a bigger family car, ended up in BeSafe Modular i-Size Family car seats. And it makes me feel good, as a mum, knowing that my kids are being transported in the safest possible way.  

BeSafe has come up with a new seat! A unique seat that can do something for bigger children that no other car seats can do.

BeSafe iZi Flex Fix car seat three on back seat

Ta-da! This is the BeSafe iZi Flex Fix i-Size! The very first car seat for bigger children that makes it possible to fit three car seats on almost any back seat! Incredible, isn’t it?  

Thanks to the removable sides you can place three iZi Flex Fix seats next to each other in almost any car without a problem.

So three children, no new car required and endearing giggling on the crowded back seat. Another win-win-win situation!

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