13 reasons why you need a terry towel in your life!

A hydrophilic cloth (or terry towel) has even more uses than you might think, which makes it the perfect gift for new babies and parents! It's multifunctional and mums and dads can use it anytime and anywhere for years on end. But why are they such a must-have item? There are at least 13 reasons why you can never have enough terry towels.

Known under various names such as terry towelling, cotton gauze or terry cotton, this fabric feels great to touch, is super absorbent, and also dries quickly. So you can see why it’s the perfect material for both babies and parents.

We’ve discovered no less than ten different ways in which you can use a terry towel!

1.  Towel

Nothing beats the smell of clean, newborn baby, right? And as you know, babies have really fine folds of skin, so getting into those tiny creases means you will need something that’s thinner than a standard towel. A hydrophilic cloth is the perfect choice!

Tip: Wrap your baby up in a bath cape first. This way they will be lovely and warm and most of the water will end up being absorbed. After that, you can continue to dry your baby using a terry towel.

2.  Burb cloth

It’s only natural, every baby is bound to drool or throw up a little from time to time. You know the drill... Your baby is bound to wait until you've just put on your lovely new outfit before deciding to give you back a present of some milk. This is where a terry towel can be your partner in crime, catching those first dribbles so you can wipe them away.

3.  Blanket

When you’re out and about, a large muslin blanket can double up as an ideal blanket. It won’t take up much room in your changing bag and it’s sure to keep your little one toasty warm when you start to feel a nip in the air.

4.  Substitute changing mat

Time for a clean nappy? A large tetra towel feels lovely and soft for your baby and it will also keep surfaces nice and clean!

Tip: those of you who have little boys will probably agree that sometimes, your son will end up peeing all over the place. So why not avoid giant puddles of wee everywhere and give him a tetra towel to put around his willie?! ;-)

5.  Breastfeeding cloth

If you don’t happen to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, why not use a large tetra towel to shield both you and your baby?

Here’s a great tip. Tuck the corner of the towel underneath your bra strap so it stays firmly in place!

6.  Swaddle blanket

Once you’ve given birth, your baby might end up missing how cosy it felt in your womb. The way to help them regain that feeling, is to swaddle them, and a large tetra cloth is just right for the job!

7.  Flannel

Does your little one have a mucky face? Just wet the corner of a tetra towel with some water and you’ve got an instant damp flannel to freshen them up.

8.  Bib

So you're out and about travelling and it's reached dinner time. You’ve got the feeding spoon and vegetable porridge lined up, but where on earth is your little one’s bib? No need to worry! Simply fold a terry towel diagonally and tie it around your child's neck. Bib for catching spills? Check!

9.  Sunshade

Yay! You’re off to the seaside for the day in the car! But how typical... you’ve ended up stuck in a traffic jam and the sun is getting really hot. Just pop a muslin cloth in front of the window and you’ll be able to block out that super-bright sunshine.

10.  Shade cloth

Attach a large terry towel to the push bar on your baby’s buggy. This way your baby can enjoy lying in the shade underneath it while you’re relaxing at the beach or in the park!

Important! Never hang a muslin cloth over your carrycot or portable car seat. If you do, it’s going to get even warmer under the cloth and your baby may end up overheating.

11.  Nappy

In the Netherlands, a terry towel is often called a hydrophilic nappy. That’s because if you fold the terry towel in a specific way, they make a brilliant reusable nappy!

12.  Dishcloth

If your child has just sent something flying, then fair enough, you just end up grabbing whichever cloth is closest to hand... and that’s often your baby's terry towel. 😉

13.  Sun hat

The sun is shining in through the window and you decide to go for an impromptu walk, but you end up forgetting your baby's sun hat. No need to panic! There are 2 easy ways in which you can transform your hydrophilic cloth into a sun hat.

  1. Tie a knot in each corner of a small terry towel and then place it over your baby's head.
  2. Fold a terry towel in half and tie it like a scarf over their head.

This is why you can never have too many terry towels! The terry towels and blankets by Elodie are wonderfully soft and come in two different sizes. Whether your preference is for fun prints or a plain colour, once you've tried Elodie's soft terry towel blankets, you’ll never want a different one!

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