OXO Tot solutions for babies and parents

OXO Tot is behind a number of practical baby products with super clever designs that remain gorgeous, even when you use them all the time! In this blog we are going to take a look at 5 OXO Tot baby products whose clever designs provide simple solutions!

OXO Tot uses the experiences of real-life mums and dads when designing their products since these are the people who are actually using baby products every day, meaning they’re best placed to know how they could be improved. What is OXO Tot’s mission? To reinvent baby products so that they make life easier for parents.

The products last for years without diminishing in quality. This way, you can easily use them for more than one child. The smart design of the OXO Tot products makes them easy to use, so as a parent, you get more time for the things that really matter!

OXO Tot bottle drying rack and wipes dispenser

Problem: a bottle drying rack takes up lots of space in your kitchen.

The OXO Tot solution? A compact bottle drying rack!

So what makes this bottle drying rack so special?

  • You can hang the bottles above each other, saving you loads of space in the kitchen!
  • The bottle drying rack can also be placed against the wall.

Problem: wet wipes keep drying out AND can’t be easily removed from the dispenser.

The OXO Tot solution?  A wet wipe dispenser with a weighted element

So what makes this wipes dispenser so special?

  • You can open it with one hand, so it’s super useful when changing nappies! The dispenser for the wipes has non-slip silicone feet on the bottom, so it stays just where you need it.
  • The weighted element means that only one wipe comes out at a time.
  • The silicone seal keeps wet wipes soft and moist for longer.

Problem: having to put dirty spoons in the changing bag.

The OXO Tot solution? A rollable silicone bib with a flexible neckline

So what makes this bib so special?

  • You can roll the bib up and keep a (dirty) feeding spoon in the silicone tray.
  • The top of the bib is made from flexible material. This will feel more comfortable for your baby than if the bib were made entirely from silicone.  
OXO Tot folding baby bath and feeding spoon

Problem: baby baths are tricky to store.

The OXO Tot solution? A folding baby bath!

So what makes this baby bath so special?

  • The bath takes up very little room because it’s really easy and compact to fold up. It also has a handy hook on it so you can hang it up wherever you want.
  • The bathtub can be used from when your child is born until they reach the age of about 2 years old.
  • The silicone rim and the block in the middle of the tub will prevent your baby from slipping.

Problem: handle feels uncomfortable for parents when feeding.

The OXO Tot solution? A feeding spoon with an ergonomic handle!

What makes these feeding spoons so special?

  • The curved handle means that the spoon is lovely and comfortable for parents to hold. In turn, this also makes it easier to feed your baby.
  • The soft, shallow silicone tip will feel really pleasant in your baby’s mouth.

These are just five of the OXO Tot baby products that really are in a different class from other baby products. All of the products have a smart, thoughtful design, whether you’re after eating utensils, bathroom items or storage boxes. Discover the full OXO Tot range now!

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