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about oxo tot

OXO Tot makes everyday objects and activities simpler, easier, more thoughtful - better.

OXO Tot sees opportunities to improve everyday products and actions, and designs products that make your daily life with children easier. There are plates that don't slide off the table, an ergonomic potty, a compact baby bath, the most practical storage containers and so much more.

At OXO Tot, functionality and sustainability come first. All products have been made to last for years.

"We design tools that fit comfortably in your hand and in your life."

eating and drinking

In addition, OXO Tot offers a wide range of tableware that can withstand rough handling. Do you prefer a plastic plate with a silicone suction cup or a fully silicone plate with a weighted base? Are you looking for a water bottle for your little one that really doesn't leak? Or cutlery that your little one can hold themselves? You can find all of this and more at OXO Tot!


With the OXO Tot products, bath time and potty training become fun for both parent and child. The foldable bath is extremely practical and can be compactly stored away afterwards. The ergonomic potty has a comfortable high back, handy handles and a practical, removable inner bowl. Discover our complete bathroom collection here


oxo tot benefits

Outstanding quality Useful and safe for parents and children
Sustainability - made to last for years Wide range
Functional, practical design Innovation


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