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OXO Tot sneakily makes things easier for you!

In just 5 year’s time, no less than 25 babies were born among OXO’s employees. Life as a new mum or dad – and more precisely how that life could be made easier – quickly became the hot topic at work. And so, a new brand was born: OXO Tot.

The brand’s mission? Solving the problems you never even knew you had, and making utilities easier to use for both parents and children. How about plates with a weighted bottom? Or a non-slip Sippy Cup? How would you like small freezer storage containers for baby meals? Or what about cutlery that won’t roll off the table? And don’t you like the idea of a deep plate with a lid to make saving leftovers easy? Or plates with a detachable ring to help children getting food on their spoon on their own? 

“Why has nobody thought of these ideas until now?”

OXO Tot makes products that make you think why nobody has come up with these solutions sooner. The answer? Nobody has ever properly observed these things. How exactly do babies hold their spoon? Where do their noses touch their cup when they’re drinking? How do Sippy Cups get cleaned? Armed with answers to all these questions and more, OXO Tots turns everything you need to raise a baby more practical and user-friendly.



Keeping Your Baby Cool in Hot Weather

Babies are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. This is because they cannot regulate their body temperature yet, which means that mums and dads have to be extra vigilant. These tips can help you keep your baby cool on hot summer days!

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How to stop your baby from throwing food

How do you teach your little ones to keep their food on the tray instead of tossing it on the floor? It’s all about mixing up a dash of training with an ounce of prevention. As your baby learns how to eat solids, at some point he’ll discover that throwing food on the floor is fun. What do you do then? You don’t want to encourage this behavior, but you don’t want to squash his budding curiosity either. We have good news: You absolutely can keep up the positive cues while also preventing a big mess.

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Potty training: how do I potty train my child?

As a parent who has changed numerous nappies, you're counting down to the moment your child can go to the toilet on their own. Teaching your child to do that is a big undertaking and it often takes time and patience. Here are a few tips to make potty training run smoothly.

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Taking a trip with kids: what do you need?

This spring, you probably have a few family outings or walks planned! So what should you take with you when you go out with your child(ren)? Here’s a list of six must-have items.

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how many baby bibs do I need? And which kind?

Almost every baby store has a wall display flooded with bibs, but how do you make your choice? They exist in different colors, sizes, and materials. Some are more suitable for meals, while others can be worn all day long.

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3 advantages of the OXO Tot silicone tableware and cutlery

Are you looking for tableware and cutlery in silicone? Then look no further than the new, sustainable OXO Tot collection! Is your child nearly ready for his first spoonful of pureed vegetable? Or do you want to start introducing solid food? Whatever method you will be using, the OXO Tot silicone tableware and cutlery will be super useful!

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