NEW at BABYmatters: Baby Patent

We are very excited to introduce our newest brand Baby Patent! Baby Patent creates bath products for young children, taking into account what both parents and children find important. We're delighted to add three products to our BABYmatters range: the Aqua Scale baby bath, the Safety Stand and the Bubble Buddy bath toy.

As you know, at BABYmatters we select our brands based on our three pillars: ergonomics, design and safety. We found all three of them in the Baby Patent products:

Aqua Scale baby bath

In the first few weeks and months, it is important for a baby to gain weight. That is why Baby Patent developed Aqua Scale, quite literally a water scale. It lets mums and dads wash AND weigh their baby at home.

The bath is equipped with a waterproof LCD screen that allows you to read your baby's weight and the live temperature of the water. What's more, you can also store the weight, so you can follow the growth curve of your baby.

On the inside the bathtub has a silicone anti-slip pad and a removable support post to ensure your baby lies securely and doesn't slide down.

As soon as your child can sit upright, you can remove the support post and your toddler can use the bath in a seated position until they're roughly 2 years old. That way they'll have some back support in the big tub. If you don't have a bath, it's nice to be able to wash your child in a bath tub for a little longer.

Baby Patent aquascale bubble buddy babybad

Safety Stand

Aqua Scale has silicone anti-slip feet at the bottom that keep the bath firmly in place. If you prefer to put the bath at a higher level, you can also use the Safety Stand. This way you don't have to bend over. Trust us, your back will thank you. ;-)

Bubble Buddy

Whether your child loves being in the tub or perhaps really doesn't like water at all, the Bubble Buddy is sure to become their favourite bath toy!

There are two fish: a green, small fish and the large, blue shark. Fill the green fish with liquid soap or bubble bath soap, then spray some onto the spinning shark and before you know it the whole tub will be filled with bubblesThis bath toy will undoubtedly give your little one hours of fun.

Discover the Aqua Scale baby bath, the Safety Stand and the Bubble Buddy toy by Baby Patent now!

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