Stimulate your child's language development with Yumi Yay and TIMIO

Your child's language development actually starts during pregnancy. But how can you as a mom or dad help your baby develop their language? And how can our brands Yumi Yay and TIMIO help?

Start early

Around week 18 of your pregnancy, your baby can already hear well. So it's a good idea to start talking, reading to them or listening to music together! This way your baby will recognise your voice after birth and this will reassure them.

Try to talk to your baby as much as possible or sing a song. Your baby will learn what they hear. It doesn't have to be complicated at all, just tell your baby what you are doing and use plenty of facial expressions. In this way, they will not only learn about language but will also make links with emotions.

Tip: Communicate in your mother tongue or the language you are most proficient in.

Read aloud

Reading a book is the ideal way to teach your child language. Choose a book that is appropriate for your child's age. Babies, for example, are attracted to contrasts and colour, while toddlers have more patience to listen to a story for longer.

The Yumi Yay read-aloud books are suitable for young children up to 6 years.

Children up to 2 years of age can be entertained with the colourful, contrasting prints. It is enough to briefly explain the storyline in your own words.

From the age of 2, your toddler has a slightly longer attention span and you can start reading the Yumi Yay stories aloud. The subjects are very recognizable for children and parents, which makes it pleasant to read.

Tip: Does your child have an eye for detail? Or is your little one a true detective and fond of search books? Each Yumi Yay story has its own search figure. A nice bonus!

TIMIO language development

Playful learning

TIMIO is designed to be much more than just a toy. The concept of the audio player is simple but very effective. TIMIO teaches your child to listen better. There is no moving picture so the sound gets all the attention. The LED lights and colourful illustrations make for a pleasant visual experience.

Children learn through play. With interactive games TIMIO helps to expand children's vocabulary. In this way children also learn to link words to pictures and that’s the basis for an extended vocabulary.

Do you want to encourage your child's language skills? The music and audio player can be set to English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese-Mandarin, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese, so all topics are available in 8 languages.

It is ideal if your children are being raised in more than one language or if you regularly go on holiday abroad. Read all about the advantages of a multilingual upbringing here.

Tip: Is your toddler fascinated by letters and writing? In disk pack 3 you will find two disks with all the letters of our alphabet!

Yumi Yay and TIMIO can be a useful tool to promote your child’s language development and communication. Discover all the four Yumi Yay read-aloud books and the whole TIMIO range.

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