5 reasons why parents think that modu is the best toy for their kids

It’s logical that your children are going completely crazy for our soft modular blocks of MODU. It gives them endless gaming fun, and the blocks will be interesting for many years. Your child grows, on motor and mental level, but the possibilities with MODU will continue to appeal to them. Moreover, they are allowed to literally throw themselves on MODU. The soft blocks are a real physical challenge, and children love ‘active play’! But why will you, as a parent, also totally fall for MODU? You read it here!

1. Modu will last for years!

There is nothing more annoying than investing in expensive toys, and noticing that your child isn’t interested in it anymore after a few months of improving his/her motor skills. The challenge is gone, because your child has grown and the interest has disappeared. Painful!  With MODU you will avoid this completely, because the soft blocks are suitable for children as from 6 months until 6 years old.

A baby of 6 months old obviously has other motor skills than a toddler of 4 years old, but they can both be challenged by exactly the same MODU blocks. For your baby you build a cart with wheels, where he can lay on to train his little neck. For your toddler you build a train so he can race. And for a six-year-old you build.. nothing. Because he/she will want to  get to work himself/herself! But maybe you will still be allowed to help him/her with that one big tower.. 😉

2.  modu is safe and ecological

MODU toy for kids

In the development of MODU, the Danish designers have given a great deal of thought to which eco-friendly materials they would use. Children of different ages are the target group, so only the most high-quality materials are good enough, and as ecologically as possible.

The blocks are made of 100% harmless EVA foam and for the connecting elements, the pegs, they used 100% recyclable ABS plastic. Everything is free from phthalates and BPA and approved in the EN71 category of course!

3. Sleek, Scandinavian design

It is over for the flashy toys in the most non-matching colors, because Modu cannot hide its Scandinavian roots. All the blocks have a very sleek design, in a very neutral shade of gray. It makes MODU fit in each interior without interfering. Yet it appeals to children, because the plastic pegs and the castor wheels have a cheerful color!

Are you tired of the color? Looking for another detail in your MODU kit? Castor wheels for even more fun? Then you should certainly check the separate MODU accessories!

4. Modu is easy to maintain

Now and then the MODU blocks will be dusty, sticky or dirty. That is of course normal when you use them so intensively. We have good news though, because MODU is incredibly easy to maintain for moms and dads. You can simply clean the MODU blocks with warm water or in your dishwasher (at a maximum of 40°) for a refresh. Or even better… give the MODU blocks, together with your children, a bath and let them also wash their favorite toys!

5. Modu is clear

MODU Curiosity kit Explorer kit Dreamer kit

You are convinced but you don’t really know how to put together your ideal set of MODU blocks? Don’t panic, because we already did that for you! Because the modular blocks of MODU are available in three different kits, and therefore a perfect fit for your child(ren). The Curiosity Kit is the basic set, the Explorer Kit is the medium version and when you really want to jump into active play with MODU, you obviously order the Dreamer Kit.

Are you still looking for an extra block, special castor wheels or additional pegs to connect the blocks? It is possible! You can buy them separately and you will find them here, under the category of the MODU accessories.

Still in doubt? Read here why your (grand)child will be really enthusiastic about MODU’s active play!

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