3 reasons why children will love the MODU blocs!

Do you already know MODU? The new toy is for children as from 6 months until the age of 6. The soft MODU blocks are incredibly durable, because they last for years. Ideal for parents who are tired of the fact that children outgrow expensive toys very fast, simply because they need other motor challenges. Parents are therefore fan of MODU, but what makes MODU so special for children?

1. Everything can and everything goes!

The soft blocks can be interconnected in an endless number of combinations, according to fixed building plans or just by using your imagination. And that speaks to children! One will like to follow the plan to build that fantastic rocket, while the other doesn’t like anything more than building fantasy works of art. MODU doesn’t have fixed ground rules, or even better: with the soft blocks and the separate wheels and pegs, each child can play his/her own favorite game. But what’s for sure, that is that they are all actively playing and that helps them grow!

2. Active play (secretly) makes them grow

When children play, build, create and invent constructions with MODU blocks, they develop motor skills. That is because they often use their whole body to build creations. They stretch, lift, turn, and fit the pieces together – and that is how they really develop their motor skills. This way of playing is called active play, and a child benefits a great deal from it during his/her physical development.

They obviously don’t realize it, because children are just happy that they can indulge themselves fully- body and soul- at the soft unbreakable blocks!

3. with MODU you make friends

Exactly because the modular blocks of MODU are so versatile, children of very different ages can perfectly play together. Big brother builds a nice baby walker, with which his baby sister can learn to walk. Grandparents, who are looking for a toy kit where all their grandchildren can play with, find in MODU exactly what they are looking for. Because their six-year-old granddaughter creates a tower together with her three-year-old nephew. Meanwhile their four-year-old grandson quickly learns, thanks to MODU, that you more easily keep your balance on a wobbly bridge, when you hold the hand of a larger playmate. Or the hand of grandma or grandpa of course!

So quickly order a kit for your child or your grandchild!
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MODU toy blocs for children


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