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3 tips from mommy Lara for safe car journeys with children!

This summer, we drove to Brittany by car, already for the fourth time! I don’t have to tell you that it is a challenge with two children! If you are soon going on a long car trip with younger children, these tips might help you to facilitate the car journey!

1. Choose the right car seat!

We opted for the brand BeSafe  of BABYmatters for our two kids. Why? Well, both car seats can be attached in the car in the safest possible way: with ISOfix. Romée sits in her iZi Modular i-Size car seat, in a rear-facing position (which is 5 times safer). Although Philippa can already sit on a booster seat since she already weighs 15 kilos, we absolutely don’t use one. I honestly don’t think that it is safe, and, as using a car seat in Europe is required until 1m35 within the i-Size regulation, we picked the iZi Flex Fix i-Size. This BeSafe car seat can safely be used as from 1m until 1m50.

2. Protection

Put the children always in the car without their jacket on, it is super important! When you leave thicker coats on, it is possible that the belts will not be tightened enough. There will be too much space between your child and the belt, and that is unsafe. Additionally, it is also more practical to dress your children in layers. When it gets too warm, during the day, they can still take off a layer. When it gets colder at night, you can dress them warmer again. And finally: always bring their favorite blanket and stuffed animal along! Indispensable on the back seat!



Add a protective UV film on the windows. Sunshine in the eyes = troublemaking kids, and that is what we want to avoid. When you don’t have this protective UV film, you can always clamp a muslin blanket on the window. This makes sure that they cannot look outside and maybe calm down. And let’s hope that they… sleep longer!

3. Coffee breaks!

With kids it is inevitable, and just as well: take enough breaks. For a delicious lunch, just to play and run around so the kids can stretch their legs and… mom and dad can drink coffee!

Have a safe journey!

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