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Modu, the new innovating toy that you want to have at home!

During the St Nicholas and Christmas period, for birthdays and in times of newyear’s letters, each parent is especially looking for fun durable toys. Preferably toys that will last for years and which are decent, safe and never get boring. THE dream of every parent (and child)… but does it exist? Of course! Our brand new brand MODU is exactly what you are looking for!

what is modu?

It is very simple: MODU is a modular system of blocks in soft foam, which you can interconnect and build into all kinds of constructions and game features. Sleek and clean, in neutral basic colors with small color accents.

MODU is developed in Copenhagen, by a team of young people which had only one goal in mind, creating the modular blocks: to design durable and playful toys, which help children to develop and support their motor skills, by encouraging active play.

MODU blocks child toy BABYmatters

what makes modu so durable?

As a parent, you evidently don’t want to invest in toys, to notice afterwards that your children have outgrown them after only a few months. And it happens quicker than you think, because children progress so swiftly at a young age, that sometimes they already need new motor challenges after a few weeks. And MODU responds to that! Because when your baby outgrows a development phase or a particular MODU creation, you just build another one. That is how MODU helps your child to grow up, but MODU also grows with your little constructor!

Our MODU blocks are suitable for children as from 6 months until 6 years. SO, when you buy one of the three MODU kits, you are sure that not only your youngest children but also the older brothers or sisters can still cheerfully play along. (And we have been told that enthousiastic moms and dads with a passion to build can still find a challenge in MODU! 😉)

MODU blocks child toy BABYmatters

how does modu help in the development of your child?

Well, MODU encourages the development of children thanks to ‘active play’! That is what it is all about. The soft blocks in foam form a challenge on a creative and motor level, because they can be build thanks to the supplied instructions, but children can of course also make fantasy creations.

Carts with wheels, building a tower with mom, but also racing on a train, pushing a walker, maintaining your balance on a track.. everything is possible with MODU. And what stands out: children often use their whole body to play with MODU, and that is the idea.

Because as an alternative for possible screen time for children (which they also can enjoy!), it is valuable to let kids actively play with toys again, and with MODU that is possible!

MODU blocks child toy BABYmatters

and what about safety and ecology?

The inventors of MODU made this into one of their most important points. They created toys that children can play with for a long time, even years. In a responsible way, because the soft blocks of MODU are made of ecological material. They choose a 100% recyclable ABS plastic for the pegs, harmless EVA foam for the blocks and everything is free from phthalates and BPA and approved in the EN71 category!

Safe, durable, ecological, and you will have years of fun with it: that’s MODU. And uhm, if St Nicholas needs a decision-making aid… you can find our different MODU kits and accessories here!

We wish you much building pleasure!

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