ABout Sleepytroll

Sleepytroll was designed by Ståle Flataker, a father of three children. Silas, the youngest of the family, had trouble sleeping , he rarely slept longer than 20 minutes ... unless there was rocking. So there was walking and hours of driving around in the car.

As a "desperate" father, Ståle started looking for an inventive and safe solution. After months of brainstorming, development and testing, Sleepytroll baby finally saw the light of day!

Sleepytroll is an automatic, rechargeable baby swing with sound and motion sensors that you can easily attach to (almost) any stroller. But a crib, park or bouncer is also among the possibilities, with the help of handy accessories. But more on this later!

Ultimate sleep aid for every parent

Babies are used to that rocking motion before birth (from in the womb) and continue to naturally crave it long after birth. Sleepytroll aims to mimic that rocking feeling. Moreover, research has shown that rocking helps reduce crying, accelerate sleep and improve sleep quality. And ... that way parents have their hands free for other things. A win-win for both the little ones and the parents!


Sleepytroll can also be used as a cradle, bed or park. With the Bed Adapter, you can attach this baby swing quickly, easily and safely! Just place the Bed Rocker Feet under the legs and ... the rocking can begin! New is the Bouncer Adapter, to also rock your bouncer with the Sleepytroll baby rocker.


Advantages of sleepytroll

Fits all strollers


Five different levels of intensity

Built-in rechargeable battery


Adjustable speed and sensitivity

Sound and motion sensors


Suitable for in- and outdoor use



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