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Welcoming a child is first and foremost a happy event, but at the same time it brings a lot of questions and considerations, especially when it comes to your baby's safety and comfort. One of the most important aspects is creating a comfortable sleeping environment, so that your baby gets the rest it needs... and so do you! That is why we would like to introduce ergoPouch.

why an (inbaker) sleeping bag?

Safety, especially when sleeping, is a big concern for all parents. Traditional blankets and sheets can cause choking hazards, which is why we recommend choosing an (inbaker) sleeping bag. This way, you create a cozy environment, without the dangers of loose bedding, and by swaddling you prevent your child from waking up by sudden arm or head movements (due to the startle reflex, which is completely normal).

DID YOU KNOW ... | The ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag is 2-in-1? I.e. you can use the sleeping bag for swaddling but ... by opening the arm openings, the ergoPouch Cocoon can also easily be used as a "classic" sleeping bag. In short, there is something for everyone!

Cocoon swaddle bag (left) | Sleepsuit sleeping bag (right)
Cocoon swaddle bag (left) | Sleepsuit sleeping bag (right)

Moreover, all ergoPouch products are made of organic cotton! Babies and children sleep better in natural fibers for the simple reason that they allow the skin to "breathe" better and regulate body temperature, resulting in a safe and contented sleep!

DID YOU KNOW ... | The best way to check a baby's temperature is to put your hand on their chest, tummy or back?  This is a better way to feel if they are too hot or too cold, rather than on their hands or feet. These will feel cooler than their body temperature, which is also normal. After all, when a baby is developing their circulatory system, their body prioritizes their vital organs!

How do I choose the right sleeping bag?

By considering the TOG rating (Thermal Overall Grade), which indicates the warmth of the sleeping bag. Simply put, the lower the TOG rating, the lighter the fabric. The higher the rating, the better padded and insulated. Therefore, choose a TOG rating that matches your room temperature!

The ideal room temperature fluctuates around 18Cº - 20Cº degrees, regardless of the season. This may not be feasible for everyone, which is why ergoPouch has a wide range of different TOG-approved sleeping bags, so you can be sure your child has a good night's sleep.

TIP | For winter we recommend a sleeping bag with a TOG value of 1.0 and/or 2.5. For example, 1.0 TOG is suitable for a room temperature of 21ºC - 24ºC and 2.5 TOG is suitable for a room temperature of 17ºC - 23°C.

Conclusion? Sleeping bags provide a safe, comfortable and practical sleeping environment, help promote better sleep quality for your baby and offer parents peace of mind. Investing in a good quality sleeping bag - like this one from ergoPouch - contributes to a restful and safe sleep environment, giving a baby all the rest he or she needs for healthy growth and development!

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