Tuck Sheet Starting from € 57,90

The Tuck sheet is only suitable for newborns until rolling

This innovative mattress protector is a TOG-approved alternative to baby blankets and is designed for use over the top of a swaddle sleeping bag. The Tuck sheet provides extra warmth, security and comfort for a newborn while sleeping without the risk of loosening! 

There are two options for warmth.

One side is 0.2 TOG (coolest layer - 24-26°C) and the other side is 1.0 TOG (cool layer - 21-24°C), by simply flipping the sheet, you adjust the warmth. With handy dressing guide, included in the package, you can easily find the most appropriate TOG value according to the room temperature.

The Tuck sheet is available in two sizes: 44cm x 45cm to fit most rectangular and oval crib mattresses and 73cm x 63cm, which fits most rectangular and oval crib mattresses.

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