Why is a mobile an absolute must-have?

Babies develop very quickly. By - from birth - hanging a mobile above their crib, bed and/or baby park, your little one learns to discover the world playfully, and their development and motor skills are stimulated from the very beginning!

From birth

Research has shown that newborns only see contrasts at the very beginning, and their field of vision extends to a maximum of 50 cm. So a mobile is best hung within your little one's field of vision, and will have both a stimulating and calming effect!

DID YOU KNOW ... | Yumi Yay's 3-in-1 mobile always come with contrast papers? This is Yumi Yay their way of thinking of even the littlest adventurers! For example, the prints are in dark blue and white, and thus very interesting for a newborn baby. So Billy then gets a fur, Otti big ears, Tika a tail and Finn wings!

What are the benefits?

A mobile encourages sensory and cognitive development through movement and color. After all, the figures of a mobile are in motion, and the cheerful colors will make a baby try to follow the movements and turn his head in different directions. Once he/she is a few months old, he/she will then try to touch the mobile by reaching out with his/her arms, which in turn stimulates coordination and motor skills.

DID YOU KNOW ... | That there is a good reason why Yumi Yay's friends are so brightly colored? After all, this attracts babies and children enormously, since they are the first colors they know.

Why the 3-in-1 mobile?

We believe that a good mobile grows with your little one! Thus, Yumi Yay has thought of every stage of their development with their colorful 3-in-1 mobile. So you can easily transform it into (teething) toys and a rattle (from +/- 4 months) or a wooden jigsaw puzzle (from 12 months). As a result, this 3-in-1 mobile has a longer lifespan than the average baby mobile. In short, durable and above all ... FUNctional!

DID YOU KNOW ... | The animals of the 3-in-1 mobile are approved as toys with CE and EN71 certification? They are made of FSC wood, saliva-resistant (!) and free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful substances!

Since summer 2023, the corresponding mobile arm of Yumi Yay is also available! This product is a great addition to the Yumi Yay family, and together with the 3-in-1 mobile, the mobile arm forms an inseparable duo!

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