Leonie loves her Nomi Highchair!

At BABYmatters we love to hear real parents’ opinions of our products. Mummy Lotte let her little daughter Leonie try out our Nomi Highchair. Read below to see if it met with everyone’s approval!

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Tips for Finding Your Mom Tribe

So you’re a new mama. And although this is supposed to be one of the best seasons of your life, at times it can still feel a little lonely and isolating. If you’re in that very common situation (been there!) here are some tips for finding your “Mom Tribe.”

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Daddy Ken and Mummy Caroline about their daughter’s Nomi Highchair!

At BABYmatters we love to hear real parents’ opinions about our products. Ken and Caroline won the Nomi Highchair from Kamiel & Co and they tell us all about it!

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Which is the best sleeping bag to use for my baby?

Putting your baby in a sleeping bag remains the safest way of putting him or her down for a sleep. Your child’s face is free and, in addition, during the first few months a sleeping bag makes it more difficult for your baby to roll over onto his or her tummy. So using the correct sleeping bag is extremely important.

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Decorating kids spaces – thoughts and ideas from Elodie Details!

Decorating a toddler’s room is always fun. Sometimes you might have just a little closet to work with, sometimes a large and spacious area. Sometimes it’s a room for just one child, sometimes it’s a shared room. Regardless of which, only your imagination sets the limits of what you can do.

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Mommy Amaury shares her farewell to the boob

Mum Amaury became a mum for the first time 7 months ago when she gave birth to a beautiful little daughter called Lucy. After a wonderful period of breastfeeding she says farewell to an era in this blog.

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Mom-of-three Sofie loves her Nomi Highchair!

Sofie Noyen is an interior and food stylist and now has three kids at home: Tiger Sue, Jake Phyllon and Harrison Edward, who was born in December. What kind of mother is she, how does she do it? We went to Sofie’s house to take a look and enjoy a nice cup of coffee (Instagram-worthy , of course) at the same time.

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Three on the back seat!

According to the latest figures published by the Belgian government, the average family in Belgium comprises 2.1 children. Oops! With my three kids I’m somewhat above that! And making a conscious decision to have a slightly bigger family can occasionally cause frowns to appear…

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