The three reasons to buy your baby essentials locally

More people now want to shop local, and that’s a good thing! It allows you to support the local economy, the hardworking entrepreneurs in your own town, city or neighbourhood. Going to local shops is always a good idea. If you are still in doubt, we can hopefully convince you, because when it comes to baby shopping, there are three reasons why shopping locally (or in the web shop of a local entrepreneur!) is better.

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What is the best way to transport my children in the back seat?

It can sometimes be quite tricky for parents to work out how to transport several children in a car. But with the BeSafe range you can find all the i-Size car seats you need to safely transport your children from the moment they are born to the age of around 12 years!

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Educational TIMIO audio player that grows with your child

Are you looking for a fun and durable gift that children can enjoy for years? A TIMIO audio and music player is suitable for children aged between 2 and 6 years old, but it can also be used before that age if mum or dad helps out! Find out why TIMIO is the perfect children's gift for a birthday, Sinterklaas or Christmas.

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Elodie changing bag: super useful for when your baby needs changing and later on!

A changing bag is a must-have to carry all the things your baby needs. A good nursery bag can be attached to your pushchair and will have several compartments so you can easily find everything. But Elodie changing bags are even better than that! Once you’ve stopped using them as a changing bag, you can still use them as a handbag, weekend bag, sports bag, and more. Take a look here and see which Elodie changing bag is the best for your family.

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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Baths

A baby bath is a must-have item on any baby care list and it’s something that you should definitely add to your new-born list as well. Are you about to become a first-time mum or dad? Then you’re sure to have lots of questions. Just follow our hints and tips, and you'll know everything you need to know for giving your baby their first bath!

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NEW: Blast UV™ Disinfector

Did your child drop his pacifier on the floor? With the Blast UV™ Disinfector, you can easily sterilise various items on the go in just 5 minutes! With its UV-C rays, the Blast UV™kills 99.99% of viruses (such as Covid-19 and equivalents) and 99.9998% of bacteria. This safe, compact and handy steriliser is perfect for quickly making items up to the size of a baby bottle bacteria-free.

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The four best toy tips for Sinterklaas

Do you find it tricky to look through giant toy brochures and find the best toys for Sinterklaas? Where exactly can you find a hard-wearing, good quality toy? Which brands will your child end up playing with for years? We always happy to lend a hand to Sinterklaas!

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3 tips for family cocooning

Sometimes, it’s nice to draw in your horns and to have a couple of days of quality family time. Draw the curtains, close the front door and enjoy each other. The BABYmatters Team has three cocooning tips for you!

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