The 8 best gifts for children aged 0 to 2

Are you looking for a fun gift for a child between 0 and 2 years of age? We’ve got you covered! At BABYmatters, you can find both fun and practical gifts for birthdays and other festive occasions. A small selection from our range...

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The coolest MODU creations

Are you looking for inspiration for your MODU creations? Whether you want to build something to sit on, drive around on or play with... MODU offers endless possibilities! Sometimes, however, your children may need a bit of a push in a different direction to create something new. The past year we have been collecting the best MODU builds made by you, to serve as inspiration for you:

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Which pacifier do I choose for my baby?

From birth, your baby has a natural sucking reflex. This can make some children have the urge to want to suckle in between feeds. A pacifier not only provides comfort, but also gives mom and dad a bit of rest. The large range of pacifiers available doesn’t make the choice for the perfect dummy for your baby any easier. We want to give you a hand by explaining a bit more about the different types and materials on the market!

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Testing 3 OXO Tot baby essentials!

The brand OXO Tot makes products that make you think: “Why did nobody think of this before?” The answer? Because nobody paid so much attention to it before. OXO Tot has a clear mission: observe children and their parents and then provide answers to problems in daily life. The result? Innovative, practical, high-quality and ingenious products. We asked 3 parents about their favourite OXO Tot product!

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Haven: the very first BeSafe carrier

After years of development, it is finally here: the Haven baby carrier from BeSafe. Again, BeSafe delivers a product with the focus on ergonomics and safety, as the baby carrier was developed in collaboration with the German baby-wearing network ‘Die Trageschule’. The BeSafe Haven carrier makes carrying comfortable for both parents and children.

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The sustainability battle: bamboo, plastic and silicone

As a parent, when putting together your layette, you are inundated with lots of beautiful and practical eating utensils in various materials: plastic, melamine, silicone, bamboo... But which material should you choose? We compare three of them, to hopefully make that choice a bit easier for you! ;-)

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Why a car seat that meets the i-Size standard is so much safer!

The newest standard for car seats is ‘i-Size’, but what does i-Size mean exactly? And how does this new standard differ from the old ECE R44-04 standard? And how do the BeSafe car seats fit in within this new legislation? You can read all about it here!

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3 questions to the author and illustrator of the Yumi Yay books!

Author Hanne Luyten already has two bestsellers to her name: ‘#nietaankindengezinverklappen’ and ‘Het huis met de gele deur’. Illustrator Didier Quoistiaux has worked as a painter and graphic artist for years. The Belgian brand Yumi Yay asked them to collaborate on this project and create children’s books. Hanne put on her story cap and Didier sharpened his pencil... And together they created something wonderful!

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