Will the Nomi Highchair survive a household with three little kids?

The three kids of mommy Caroline tested our Nomi Highchair very intensively for a whole weekend. The result? A happy mom ànd happy kids!

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Lieselot adores her Tula Toddler!

I’m already fan of babywearing since the arrival of our first baby. The baby wrap always helped us a lot. I have to say that until recently, we only carried the little ones. When we had another baby, the eldest would sit in a stroller. But when we went to Australia, everything changed…

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How can I transport my child as safely as possible in the car?

That’s what mommy Tinneke was wondering with the arrival of her daughter Ellis. She put a group 0 car seat on her birthlist (and a bunch of other stuff), but she forgot… the group 1 car seat! BABYmatters to the rescue!

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The lucky charm of Jasmijn, Pieter and baby Ezra

Pieter and Jasmijn became the proud parents of Otto Nelson (4 years old) and Ezra Boaz (4 months old). When Ezra was born, they looked for a tool to facilitate their lives with two energetic sons. And uhm.. hello there, Tula Free-to-Grow!

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Muslin Magic!

Mommy Amaury couldn’t really picture it before she had a daughter of her own. Why do people use muslins? Now that Lucy is 1 year old, Amaury knows it really well!

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“Oh there’s a second heartbeat! I’ll congratulate you twice then!”

Those are words which would surprise every human being. Especially if you know that mommy Melinda already had a little one of 3 years old running around at that time. And except for euphoria of the two miracles in her belly, Melinda’s mommy brain still started to spin completely..

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Halloween + baby carrier = fun!

Halloween is a holiday coming from the United States which has been gaining in popularity the past few years. But how can you include your little ones in the festivities?

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Mommy Lara, her girlsquad and her Free-to-Grow Tula Carrier!

Lara went on holiday to Sienna in Toscany with her husband and two little girls Philippa and Romée, but without her stroller! Her must-have item? Obviously her Tula Free-to-Grow!

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