What do I need for an autumn baby?

Are you expecting a baby in autumn? Then it's high time to wrap up your baby registry or newborn essentials list and gather all the necessary items. We have rounded up five products that are must-haves for your autumn baby!

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Breastfeeding: 5 tips and tricks from Team BABYmatters!

Breastfeedingf for the first time can be very challenging, to say the least? Both you and your baby are doing something and learning something you haven't ever done before. Team BABYmatters shares their advice on how to tackle those first difficult weeks!

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4 compact baby products for at home and on the road

If you have a small home or like smart nifty gadgets, you know amazing and useful save spacers are indispensable. We found four compact baby products that take up less space both at home and on the road. Great for the kids and less hassle for the parents!

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Festive and stylish dining with children

Are you hosting a stylish dinner or a summer brunch? Thanks to the Elodie EAT collection, your child can join the party in style. Each item combines practicality with a beautiful design. This also makes an Elodie EAT set a great gift idea.

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How to stop your baby from throwing food

How do you teach your little ones to keep their food on the tray instead of tossing it on the floor? It’s all about mixing up a dash of training with an ounce of prevention. As your baby learns how to eat solids, at some point he’ll discover that throwing food on the floor is fun. What do you do then? You don’t want to encourage this behavior, but you don’t want to squash his budding curiosity either. We have good news: You absolutely can keep up the positive cues while also preventing a big mess.

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The comfortable Haven baby carrier is now also available in breathable fabric!

Recently, the BeSafe i-Size baby car seats became available in the airy 3D Peak Mesh fabric. Now the Norwegian brand's ergonomic baby carrier, the Haven, also comes in Peak Mesh! Perfect for your next outing with your little one. Would you like to learn more about the Haven baby carrier and the breathable Peak Mesh fabric? Then keep on reading!

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A trip with your child(ren) with minimal fuss? Thanks to these 2 essentials you can!

Going for a walk with the kids? If your child or one of your children can't walk yet or gets tired quickly, a buggy or baby carrier will come in very handy. This way you can go out for longer than how far your child can walk.

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Potty training: how do I potty train my child?

As a parent who has changed numerous nappies, you're counting down to the moment your child can go to the toilet on their own. Teaching your child to do that is a big undertaking and it often takes time and patience. Here are a few tips to make potty training run smoothly.

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