How to Travel with a toddler

Traveling with toddlers is a fun and rewarding experience, if you remember to put your worries away before leaving. Remember that, as long as your kid has food, water and a loving embrace nearby, they have all they need.

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Breastfeeding Week: a few tips and tricks from Team BABYmatters!

Breastfeedingf for the first time can be very challenging, to say the least? Both you and your baby are doing something and learning something you haven't ever done before. Team BABYmatters shares their advice on how to tackle those first difficult weeks!

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Mommy Maartje lets her son Vito travel in our BeSafe-carseat!

Maartje, the owner of Barts boekje became the mom of a beautiful baby boy, Vito, a few weeks ago. With his arrival she had to look for the perfect car seat for her baby. She found it at BABYmatters and BeSafe!

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Mommy Virginia travelled to Montpellier with her son Loïc and... her Ergobaby Omni 360!

First time mom Virginia from Frida&Monroe went on holiday to Montpellier with her baby boy Loïc. What did she take on holiday? Our Ergobaby Omni 360!

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Muslin Magic!

What goes on in the mind of a parent to be? Emotionally, nothing can completely prepare you for becoming a parent. But gear wise you can and should prepare... dead give-away: you will need muslin cloths. A lot of them.

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Get Your Home Baby-Ready !

If you have a baby on the way, it’s time to prepare yourself and your home for lots of exciting changes. Pregnancy is a great time to establish organized systems and habits that will be invaluable once your new baby arrives. These are our 3 main momhacks!

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Mommy Lieve and the arrival of her babyboy Sun !

In February, on a sunny winter day, Lieve became a second time mom. But what impact does the arrival of a second little one have on your family? Lieve tells us all about it!

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BeSafe accessories make rear-facing travel even safer

What is your idea of your child’s perfect rear-facing journey? One where they are sitting in a comfortable, safe, appropriate and correctly installed seat? That’s definitely a great start but it’s probably where most parents stop thinking about travel safety. BABYmatters and BeSafe like to think even further!

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