Team BABYmatters

The BABYmatters team might be small, but we see that as a good thing! This way, we can offer every single one of our customers personal service based on our professional knowledge and our day-to-day experience as parents. Because that’s something we strongly believe in: the products we at BABYmatters sell, are all products we think offer added value and are products that we all use in our own family lives.

This is Team BABYmatters:


Valérie, together with Caro and Eline, is the base of the BABYmatters backoffice. Valérie is responsible for sales, marketing and after-purchase service. Valérie also makes sure that our two showrooms always look perfect.

Valérie is the mom of 3 adorable children who are always happy to test out all the BABYmatters-brands! With Marie, Arthur and Juliette, Valérie has her hands full but she luckily still finds time for a Pilates class or a walk with Jackie, the latest addition to the family. A super adorable, newborn… puppy!


BABYmatters sends out tens of packages a day, and they all pass through Bert’s hands. He’s our stockroom genius, which you can take literally! Bert knows exactly where each product is and it’s a matter of honor for him to send out each and every package neatly and correctly as if it was ‘for himself’. If we need feedback for the new BABYmatters flyers, we can always count on Bert for his fresh look and new ideas!

Bert is the dad of teenager Free, so you won’t find our strollers at his house anymore. So Bert developed a passion for something with a little bit more horse power, because Bert is a big fan of cars. Every year, he and a bunch of friends travel to Geneva for the European car show.


Eline is our Digital Marketing expert and works in close collaboration with the other colleagues in sales and marketing. Eline is gladly responsible for our ‘digital footprint’.

In 2021, Eline and her husband had their first child, Luca. Eline finds all the things that little Luca needs at BABYmatters. Apart from spending time with her darling son, Eline also goes swimming every now and then. In the evenings, Eline likes to enjoy a Netflix night with her husband.


Caro works in the office where she is responsible for the day-to-day running of BABYmatters. In addition, Caro is also responsible for a large part of the marketing of our BABYmatters Brands. Designing advertisements, building brand pages or writing social media posts, Caro does it all.

Caro has a cute little boy who’s about to go to school. This means she is going through the nursery and children’s phase at the moment, and finds everything she needs at BABYmatters. She also loves baking, and often brings the results to the office with her so that the BABYmatters Team can have a taste! And nobody can say no to her creations!


Camilla is the latest addition to our BABYmatters team. As a driven daughter of the BABYmatters founders, she takes care of our in-house brand, Yumi Yay, with heart and soul. Camilla follows in Conny's footsteps as a sales representative but also works internally on the BABYmatters marketing.

Camilla is an optimistic, busy bee and loves sports and socialising with friends and family. She hasn't found a secret talent yet, but she can imitate a fish like a pro!


BABYmatters was founded after Conny got inspired during a trip to Norway by the Norwegian view on road safety for children. You can read about the entire story here. Conny is the manager of BABYmatters, along with Ståle, so she’s often on the road. And she’s been doing it for over 20 years!

Conny is the mother of 2 daughters who are now both in their twenties and who indirectly were the inspiration for starting BABYmatters. Next to BABYmatters manager and mother, Conny is also a certified carrying consultant so she’s the specialist when it comes to ergonomic carrying and everything that comes with it. Picking one favourite brand out of our brands is impossible for Conny. “We handpick all of our brands carefully. The story needs to be right and we need to completely believe in the product. I’m so proud that I can say about every single one of our brands that they fit right into the philosophy of BABYmatters!”


Ståle, thanks to his exotic name, can’t hide his Norwegian roots. In the middle of the 80’s he ended up in Belgium and he never left. In 1996, he started BABYmatters along with Conny and with him as a manager, BABYmatters is more in touch with Scandinavia, the home of many of our brands.

Ståle – just like everybody in the BABYmatters team – doesn’t have a clear favourite of the BABYmatters brands. “The sum of the parts makes the whole”, is his philosophy. “It’s the combination of all our brands that turns BABYmatters into what it is, each part of the chain is important. That goes for both our different brands,but also for the BABYmatters team. I’m happy and proud that the big picture of BABYmatters is right from A to Z!”.

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