Team BABYmatters

Team BABYmatters

Welcome to Team BABYmatters! A small, but nice team. Everyone has his or her own field of expertise, but we also often consult each other or collaborate together. Every day at 10 am we have a coffee break with the whole team, based on the Norwegian fika, to discuss things. A small team has its advantages. For example, we are well attuned to each other and can always provide everyone with a personalized service. Meet everyone from Team BABYmatters here:


Valérie is a real jack-of-all-trades. She is the hub of our website and makes sure it is always correct and looks good. In addition, Valerie provides top customer service on a daily basis. Are you a customer with us? Then you have certainly met her. Finally, she is also responsible for communication (magazines, folders, etc.), fairs and is always prepared with good ideas and advice.

Valerie is mother of three lovely children: Marie, Arthur and Juliette. The ideal test pilots for the BABYmatters brands! Valérie enjoys her family as much as possible and loves going out together, having dinner or selling paper flowers with them on the beach. 🌻 She also commits herself as manager of the field hockey team her children play in. 🏑


At BABYmatters, dozens of packages go out every day, and they all pass through Bert's hands. He's our warehouse genius, and you can take that literally. Bert knows every product like the back of his hand, and he makes it a point of honor to send every parcel neatly and correctly, 'as if it was for himself'. 👌 But when feedback is needed on new BABYmatters flyers, Bert also always gives us a critical view and fresh ideas!

Bert is dad to teenage son Free, so you won't find our strollers at his house anymore. Bert is a real early bird and always comes to work by bike. You can also find him on his bike on the weekends. 🚲 This way he discovers the most beautiful places in Flanders and he enjoys sharing his photos on Instagram. Other passions of Bert are cars (the Geneva car show is already on the agenda) and bella Italia (if possible with the convertible)! 🏞


Caro is the digital creative at BABYmatters. She manages our social media daily and is in charge of collaborations with influencers. Caro loves to create visual content! Think reels, videos, posts, stories etc. You can discover her beautiful work on our Instagram page @babymatterscom, our Facebook page and on TikTok @babymatterscom.

Caro is a mom of two sweet boys: Heden and Junne. For her little ones, she finds everything she needs at BABYmatters. Caro is not only creative at work, but also in her free time! 🍰 She loves to bake and is happy to bring her results to the office. And we don't say no to that! 😍


Katrien is the copywriter in the BABYmatters family! She takes care of everything 'written', from blogs and web copy to mailings. This page was probably written by her 😉 In addition to content marketing, she is in charge of our ads and the social media of our in-house brand Yumi Yay.

Katrien is an enthusiastic and optimistic twenty-something. She likes to travel and loves to spend time with her friends and family. Preferably with good music, tasty food and a delicious mojito to go with it! 🎵


Camilla is one of our sales representatives and is therefore often 'on the road'. As daughter of Conny and Ståle, she knows BABYmatters like no other! She takes care of our in-house brand Yumi Yay with heart and soul. In addition, she also works on the marketing of BABYmatters.

Camilla is an optimistic, busy bee. 🐝 She loves sports, mainly crossfit, and a healthy lifestyle. She likes to alternate this passion with her love for good food and socializing with friends and family. 🍝


Conny is together with Ståle the manager of BABYmatters. She knows our brands and products through and through! She forms the Sales team together with her daughter Camilla, so she can often be found 'on the road'. However, she also closely follows the marketing activities. Her insights and experience ensure that the communication from BABYmatters is always on point.

Conny is a certified babywearing counsellor and thus a specialist in ergonomic carrying. Conny cannot choose a favorite from our brands: "We select all our brands very carefully. The story has to be right and we really have to believe in a product. I am very proud that I can say for all our brands: this fits within the philosophy of BABYmatters!

Conny is mother of two (meanwhile grown-up) daughters who indirectly were the inspiration for the start of BABYmatters. Besides her busy job as manager, Conny likes to put her thoughts aside during a relaxing walk. In addition, Conny likes to spend time with family and friends. 🤗 Preferably during a delicious dinner and with a nice glass of wine! 🍲


Ståle, thanks to his exotic name, cannot hide his Norwegian roots. In the mid 1980's he ended up in Belgium, never to leave. In 1993 he started BABYmatters together with Conny and with him as manager BABYmatters keeps a close eye on Scandinavia, home of a large part of our brands. As a computer geek he makes sure our systems are always up to date.

Ståle doesn't have a pronounced favorite among BABYmatters brands. "The sum of the parts makes the whole," he believes. "It's the combination of all our brands that makes BABYmatters who we are, every link in our chain is important. And that goes for our brands, but also for the BABYmatters team. I am happy and proud that the big picture, the story of BABYmatters is right from A to Z!"

Ståle is dad to two daughters: Celine and Camilla. His job as a manager keeps him busy, so he enjoys his free moments with extra pleasure! Ståle, like Conny, is a real family man and loves spending time with his children. 🤗 He enjoys sweets, fine dining and refreshing drinks. And the best locally grown tomatoes are his, of course! 🍅

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