BeSafe Newborn Haven Starting from € 109,00

This unique carrier, Newborn Haven, is specially designed for newborn babies with uncompromising ergonomics and unique features.

It’s the perfect fit for the first 6 months but can be used up to 12 months (11kg). The Newborn Haven has a deep seat to support a newborn’s need for a strong hip flexion (M position), and really facilitates a rounded C shape back with its unique pouch design. Its extra soft fabric adapts to the baby, supports its natural position and supports the arms to stay up.

Newborn Haven offers high comfort for newborn babies and for parents. The wide foam padded shoulder straps can be used straight or fanned out.

Like the Haven carrier, this carrier is very intuitive and easy to use. You attach the waistbelt with just one click and tighten, without making any adjustments before putting it on.

The inside materials of the Newborn Haven carrier are Cotton and TENCEL™. TENCEL™ is made of sustainable wood and is produced environmentally friendly. It is naturally soft and breathable. The outside is made of recycled polyester which is sustainable, durable and resistant to stains.

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