iZi Turn i-Size Starting from € 669,00

This brand new car seat can rotate the full 360°! This means that you can transport children rearfacing or forward facing. You can use the car seat as from the age of 5-6 months (when your baby measures 61 centimetres) until 4 years old (105 centimetres).

The car seat can be used as from 61 centimetres thanks to the BeSafe Two-Fit Cushions: this cushion set is identical to the one of the iZi Modular i-Size and makes sure that babies lie comfortably in their car seats. The cushions provide support where needed, in order for babies to easily make the transition from their first car seat to this iZi Turn i-Size. When the baby grows, you remove the cushions to guarantee the perfect seating position for your growing child.

NEW: i-Size car seats with Peak Mesh, a knitted 3D-fabric with open structure which creates air layers. These layers increase breathability, guiding moisture away from the child. The result is reduced heat absorption and increased comfort.

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