Testing 3 OXO Tot baby essentials!

The brand OXO Tot makes products that make you think: “Why did nobody think of this before?” The answer? Because nobody paid so much attention to it before. OXO Tot has a clear mission: observe children and their parents and then provide answers to problems in daily life. The result? Innovative, practical, high-quality and ingenious products. We asked 3 parents about their favourite OXO Tot product!

These are the honest opinions of real moms and dads on our BABYmatters test panel:

1. Foldable bath

“For old two eldest children, we had a classic baby bath on a stand, set up in our bathroom. To be honest, it was a huge monstrosity that took up a lot of space, impossible to store away and not very compact. When Lukas arrived, we looked for a smarter solution, and OXO Tot had it! We were able to use the foldable bath immediately after he was born, and now that Lukas is a bit bigger, he still fits! We are saving a lot of water, because we don’t have to fill up a big tub, and because it is foldable and small enough, it is easy to put away and very discreet. We are fans!”

- Stephanie, Lukas’ mom (4 months old)

2. Leak-proof soft-spout sippy cup

“Mona got the hang of drinking from this cup pretty quickly. She inspected the cup from all angles, picked it up with her small hands, put the spout in her mouth and started drinking. At first, we would only put a little bit of liquid in, as we didn’t want to flood the kitchen in case she spilled her drink. But she is now so good at drinking that we can fill it up to the brim. And the cup doesn’t leak!”

- Annelies, Mona’s mom (8 months old)

OXO Tot baby essentials

3. Teething feeder

“When Juliette was around 4 months old, we wanted to introduce her to various types of fruit and vegetables. To prevent her from putting big chunks of food in her mouth and choking, we got the OXO Tot teething feeder. This allowed Juliette to get used to new flavours in a safe way, without danger of choking!”

- Gilles, Juliette’s father (1 year old)

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