About Moova

Moova is designed by Henrik Norholt. Through many meetings and discussions with leading international experts on baby behaviour and development, he has built up a wealth of knowledge on 'ergonomic babywearing'.

When he himself became the father of a baby daughter, he decided to devote himself to developing a baby carrier, unique in its kind ... and he succeeded, and how!

Carrying means security and has a positive effect on both psychological and biological levels. But what makes the Moova baby carrier so different? This innovative design aims to support and stimulate your baby's motor development right from the start

CLOSE AND yet free

Moova has an adjustable back panel so that baby has freedom of movement as well as support (and rest). This freedom of movement activates the muscles and nerves in baby's head, neck, back, shoulders and arms. It also stimulates your baby's ability to sit upright and motor development!

After all, in this baby carrier a baby can easily turn his or her head to take in the outside world while having both arms and hands free to explore. This makes it very popular with curious and active babies! And ... Moova is designed to be fast, comfortable and easy to use, making it perfect for everyday use.

A win-win for young and old!


advantages of moova

Stimulates motoric development


Three ergonomic positions possible 

With adjustable back panel


Suitable from 3.5 to 20kg

Freedom of movement and support


Certified hip-friendly by the International Hyp Displasia Institute



First Aid for inconsolability

One of the many challenges of parenthood is trying to calm an inconsolable baby. Fortunately, there are a number of 'tricks' that can help! One of the best-known is rocking. This can, of course, be done in mum's or dad's arms... But today there are practical and safe aids available ... that leave your hands free for other things!

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