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Yumi Yay's 3-in-1 mobile for babies transforms from baby mobile to toy to fun wooden jigsaw puzzle. This upcycling ensures that the mobile has a longer lifespan than the average baby mobile! Like the other Yumi Yay products, the mobile is completely child-oriented and 100% Belgian design. Yumi Yay departed from the development of a baby to shape the three functions of this mobile:

Look – mobile – from birth
Your baby sees contrasts and discovers movement and figures. The ideal time to hang up the mobile. Optionally, you can add contrast elements to the wooden animals to give your baby extra stimulation. The prints in dark blue and white are very interesting for your newborn baby. The colourful Yumi Yay animals are in their characteristic bright colours. These fun colours are attractive to babies and children as they are some of the first colours they learn.

Feel – wooden toys – from 4 months
Your baby starts to grasp and discover shapes with hands and mouth. From this moment on, let your baby play with the wooden animals and the fun rattle.

Play – puzzle – from 12 months
Your baby is ready for more challenge and playtime fun. Use the wooden animals as jigsaw puzzle pieces. Your baby will discover which shape fits in which spot.

From discovering figures and movements, reaching for things to putting animals in the right place in the puzzle. This 3-in-1 mobile supports your child's development from birth.

Enjoy little playful moments together with your baby with the 3-in-1 wooden mobile. Or give it as a birth present.



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Why is a mobile an absolute must-have?

Babies develop very quickly. By - from birth - hanging a mobile above their crib, bed and/or baby park, your little one learns to discover the world playfully, and their development and motor skills are stimulated from the very beginning!

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