Sheeting Sleeping Bag 2,5 Starting from € 95,90

The Sheeting sleeping bag is best suited for babies rolling and sitting.

This sleeping bag - in organic cotton - is stretchy on the sides and shoulders, allowing children to move freely. In short, ideal for babies who sleep with their arms out and want more space in their sleeping bag, or toddlers who prefer the feeling of a sleeping bag!

The zipper works in two directions, making diaper changes quick and easy. The bell-shaped bottom of the Sheeting swaddling bag ensures proper development of the hip joints, hence its recognition by the International Hyp Displasia Institute!

With the help of the handy thermometer and dressing guide included with each product, parents know exactly how to dress their baby for every nap!

The Sheeting sleeping bag is available in two sizes: 8-24 months (fits 68-92cm and 8-14kg) and 2-4 years (fits 92-108cm).

Washing instructions: 
Wash gently and cold in the washing machine, at 30° and with a mild detergent. Hang the sleeping bag to dry, preferably not in full sun in summer. Tumble drying is not recommended, the sleeping bags can be ironed lightly.

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