Carrying: the solution for your crying baby?

As a parent, you know full well that it’s par for the course that your baby will cry, but what if they don’t stop crying? No matter what you try, nothing seems to help and you end up feeling powerless. The solution often varies from child to child, but if there's one thing that every baby needs, it's a feeling of closeness and skin-to-skin contact.

A safe, warm cocoon

Imagine that for months, you’ve been curled up in a warm cocoon that constantly provides you with nutrition, stays at an ideal temperature, and protects you... then suddenly you are removed from that safe nest. You will be exposed to all kinds of new stimuli and will have to deal with cold, hunger and pain for the first time. Sounds pretty intense, don’t you think? Well that's how it feels for your crying, newborn baby.

Keep your little one close to you with a baby carrier

The first few months are crucial to your child's development. It's your role as a mum or dad to reassure your child and make them feel safe. And you can do that by ensuring you have skin contact.

Wearing your child in a baby carrier or sling is the ideal way to satisfy that need for close contact. Whilst in the baby carrier, your child will hear your heartbeat, move to your rhythm and feel your warmth, just like when they were in the womb.

Even if your child cries because of colic, baby carriers can provide a solution: warmth is one of the ways to relieve cramps.


Did you know that wearing your child close to you is actually quite new in Western countries, but in some African and Eastern cultures the notion has been around for centuries? What’s particularly striking is that the number of crying babies is also significantly lower in those countries.


A baby carrier helps you to recreate that secure feeling for your baby of being in mummy's tummy and you can also place extra emphasis on bonding with your little one. More to the point, you will also be able to have your hands free, so you can do other things in the meantime. So as a parent, there is only really an upside to carrying your child in a baby carrier!

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