how many baby bibs do I need? And which kind?

Almost every baby store has a wall display flooded with bibs, but how do you make your choice? They exist in different colors, sizes, and materials. Some are more suitable for meals, while others can be worn all day long. 

bib burp cloth baby

Baby burp cloths: functional & fashionable

Burp cloths – or dry bibs – have one goal only: to collect drool or spit. As soon as your baby starts teething, they start to drool A LOT! To avoid changing clothes every fifteen minutes, you can use a burp cloth. This burp cloth contains a water-resistant layer to keep your baby dry. As many babies wear a burp cloth all day long, there are plenty of fashionable options available.

How many burp cloths do I need? You can never have enough burp cloths considering the drooling abilities of your baby at this moment. As there are thousands of designs in the burp cloth market (e.g. colours, fringes, prints), keeping your baby in style every day requires no considerable effort.

bib baby

Dinner time!

Is your baby ready for their first fruit and vegetable purees? The moment your baby starts eating solid food for the first time, most of it will probably not end up in their mouth. A feeding bib will solve this cleaning problem for you. The top looks like an original bib, but the bottom has a pocket sewed onto it. The pocket catches the food that falls. This kind of bib is the perfect way to keep your baby’s clothes dry and your floor clean!

OXO Tot’s bibs take it up a notch. Their bibs are compact and efficient. You can roll them up in the collection pocket and you can even put a feeding spoon in it. Particularly useful to take with you on the go!

How many bibs do I need? Seeing that these bibs often are simple in usage and maintenance, you can use them again after a quick rinse or wash up. However, it is always useful to have a backup at hand. That is why we recommend getting three.

bib long sleeves baby

Messing around

A smock bib – also known as a ‘long-sleeved bib’ – can be worn by babies and toddlers who enjoy eating independently. Whether your little one likes eating with their hands or attempts to use a spoon, there will undoubtedly be spilling.

Thanks to the long sleeves of this bib, your kid’s clothes will always remain dry and clean. You can without worry let your kid mess around! This kind of bib can also come in handy during arts and crafts hour.


On the hunt for a fun baby gift or maternity present? A bib is an enjoyable and practical present for each newborn baby and their parents. Whether you choose a highly efficient one from OXO Tot or a more trendy one from Elodie, each one in our broad range is easy to use and maintain. And as you will see, your baby bib will soon be indispensable!


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