Elodie: Scandinavian and sustainable baby and children's brand

Swedish baby brand Elodie is increasingly committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness, as it doesn't want to be a part of overconsumption. They create all kinds of baby products; pacifier chains, baby blankets, soft cuddly toys, compact baby strollers... all products that can be used for generations, can be upcycled and are produced in an ecological way.


Elodie encourages consumers to make conscious and sustainable choices and to extend the life of each product through upcycling. Therefore Elodie looks for sustainable and high quality materials so their products can last for years.

In addition, Elodie also values multifunctional design, allowing consumers to give their purchased product a second life. The diaper bags are the perfect example of this. After diaper time, you can still use them for years as weekend bag, sports bag, shopping bag or just take them with you to work.

Elodie diaper bag in vegan leather and wool blanket

Elodie = mulesing-free!

Elodie chooses very consciously to use wool that has been generated 'mulesing-free' when making their beautiful wool blankets. Mulesing is a very painful treatment of sheep that are specifically bred for their merino wool.

The sheep are subjected to unanesthetized shearing, which often involves cutting away parts of their skin. Elodie wants nothing to do with such animal-unfriendly practices. And neither does BABYmatters!

We are very proud that the merino wool of the products of Elodie, mulesing-free was obtained and are thus 100% free of animal suffering!

Durable materials


In 2020, Elodie launched the very first bamboo pacifier. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires little water and can be grown in an environmentally friendly way. It is a safe and durable material without harmful chemicals, which makes it ideal for pacifiers!

Elodie's muslin blankets also contain 70% bamboo fibres, which makes these tetra towels extra soft, absorbent and breathable.

Elodie vegan leather stroller and bamboo pacifier

Vegan leather

Vegan leather/faux leather is more popular than ever. It is a beautiful, sustainable and animal-friendly alternative to leather. The environmental impact of faux leather production is up to 33% lower than for real leather. But what exactly is vegan leather?

It's an ethical way to create an authentic chic, leather look. At Elodie, they work with vegan leather based on polyurethane, a polymer that can be made into different shapes.

Plenty of reasons for Elodie to choose vegan leather for their diaper bags, leather details such as the children's backpacks and the Caramel Brown Mondo baby stroller with a 100% vegan leather lining.

"A killer look, without killing animals!"

Recycled materials

A lot of Elodie's baby gear is made from recycled materials, so there is no need to produce new materials. For example, the seat of the compact baby stroller Mondo is made from 100% recycled PET bottles, and there are also footmuffs and pacifier clips made from recycled polyester.

Elodie pacifier clip of recycled polyester and glass feeding bottle


Early in 2022, Elodie launched glass feeding bottles. Glass is an ecological material that is very easy to recycle and no microplastics end up in your child's food, breast milk or drink when heated. So glass is not only sustainable, but also super safe for your baby.

Elodie does not only make sure your baby looks good, but you can also feel good about the things you surround your child with, because Elodie makes sustainable choices and works towards a brighter future!

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