New: TIMIO Headphones for Kids

With the headphones for kids, the TIMIO experience is truly complete! So now your children can play in peace with their educational audio player. The headphones are suitable for children from 3 to 12 years and have a safe volume limiter!

Hearing damage in children

Research shows that 1 in 7 children already has hearing damage. Such damage occurs when a child is exposed to noise above 85 decibels for long periods of time. This damage manifests itself in the form of ringing in the ears, hearing loss and differences in pitch between both ears.

So it was extremely important for TIMIO to join the fight against hearing impairment. TIMIO headphones have a built-in volume limiter, which means they cannot exceed 85db. This makes them super safe for little ears!

Child-friendly headphones

Aside from the volume limiter, the TIMIO headphones have even more very child-friendly features:

  • Equipped with a soft padded headband and ear pads.
  • Flexible and robust headband that survives rough little hands
  • Adjustable length, so they grow with your child
  • Possibility to connect two headphones so children can play together with one TIMIO audio player.
  • Foldable, making them compact for travel
TIMIO headphones

Out and about with TIMIO

With the TIMIO headphones you can let your child play or listen to the audio player with peace of mind. Your child just needs to plug in the headphones into the TIMIO audio player and they are ready to play. This way, they can entertain themselves quietly in a restaurant, during a long car journey, in the plane... without disturbing the people around them. The headphones can also be folded up very small, which makes them super easy to take with you!

Will you be hitting the road with the TIMIO headphones soon?

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