Teach your child to drink with a sippy cup

Around 4 to 6 months, most babies are ready to start drinking from a sippy cup. OXO Tot sippy cups will help your baby to drink safely, without choking or spilling. No matter whether you're looking for a sippy cup with a spout, a straw cup or a training cup.... OXO Tot has a great quality cup for every stage your little one will go through!

What makes OXO Tot beakers so unique?

At OXO Tot, when they say anti-leak, they really do mean anti-leak. The anti-leak sippy cup with soft spout, the straw cup and the Adventure Water Bottle all feature an almond-shaped drinking system that have a valve that only opens when your child's lips surround the spout or straw. This reduces the chance of spillages and of them choking!

They are also super long lasting, making them a sustainable choice. When your child is teething and starting to bite, you may want to replace the straw or spout and you can do so easily with the replacement set, which is available separately.

OXO Tot soft spout cup

From the age of 4 months: anti-spill cup with soft spout

Your baby's natural sucking reflex will still be quite weak in the beginning, which is why babies sometimes have trouble drinking from a hard spout. The soft spout on OXO Tot sippy cups is made from flexible silicone so that it matches the shape and texture of a teat or nipple. The interior V-shaped valve also means that your child can decide how much liquid they consume, meaning the cup will match their natural drinking rhythm.

The OXO Tot non-spill cup with soft spout also has a recess to accommodate the nose, as well as a removable handle. At first, your child will probably be too small to handle the cup themselves, so you can remove the handles.

OXO Tot straw cup

From the age of 6 months: straw cup

Some children don't like cups with spouts, but prefer to use straws. The OXO Tot straw cup and Adventure Water Bottle have a soft, almond-shaped straw that is really pleasant for your child to drink from. It also has a V-shaped valve that prevents leaks.

With its easy to operate cap, you can keep the straw clean and also prevent leaks. This means can take the cup with you in your nappy bag or backpack!

OXO Tot bottle drying rack bottle brush

The final stage before using an open cup

Maybe your child doesn't like using a sippy cup or a straw? If so, you can always start using the OXO Tot Open Cup Trainer from the age of 6 months onwards. The soft rim and insertable disk make it the ideal cup for learning to drink.

The transparent disk inside the cup has holes in it, which hold back the liquid a little. This helps prevent your child from ingesting too much liquid if they tilt the cup too much. The disk will also help liquid from flowing out too quickly if it falls over.

When you open up an OXO Tot sippy cup, you will see there is a large opening so that you can easily clean the cups using a bottle brush. After you’ve washed them up, leave them to dry on the super compact bottle drying rack and then they’ll be good to go again!

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