4 Essential Items for the First Day of School

It's almost that time again. After a long summer holiday the first day of school is around the corner. Whether your toddler is attending preschool or kindergarten for the first time or whether they've already been last year... that first day never stops being exciting. With these four must-have school supplies, you'll make your child's start of the new school year as smooth as possible!

1. & 2. A snack box and water bottle that don't leak

What is worse than opening up a backpack after school and discovering that is covered in a sticky mess of strawberry, water and orange mush. A sturdy fruit box and water bottle are essential for your preschooler. 

The OXO Tot storage containers are airtight and leak-proof due to the rubber seal on the inside. And what's more, they're safe to put in the dishwasher. Handy! So they're perfect as a snack or fruit box.

The OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle is THE anti-leak water bottle for your little one. The straw has a valve that prevents leaks. Your child can open and close the twist-off cap quickly and easily, which also keeps the straw clean. No more sticky school bags!

3. A supercute and hip backpack

Now that you have solved the sticky fruit box problem with OXO Tot, you can finally send your child to school with one of the cute Elodie backpacks. It has a soft back pillow and it has a thermobag inside to keep water cool and fresh. And more: It has magnetic straps! This allows your child to put on their backpack all by themselves and prevents the straps from sliding of their shoulders.

toddler water bottle snack box

4. Tired toddler? Let’s stroll back to home!

After a day of playing and learning, chances are that your toddler will be tired when you pick them up from the nursery or preschool. Walking to the car or home is simply too much of an effort. At times like these the Mondo stroller by Elodie can be really useful! It allows you to transport children up to 22 kilograms safely and comfortably. And to top it off, the large basket at the bottom is perfect for storing school and gym bags!

Team BABYmatters wish you and your little one good luck and lots of fun on this exciting first day!

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