NEW: Carry, the 4-in-1 carry cot from Voksi

The Voksi Carry is much more than a soft carry cot for your baby. This new 4-in-1 accessory can be used from birth to 3 years as a carry cot, footmuff, sleeping bag AND a play mat. This makes the Voksi Carry a genuine must-have item for mums and dads who love quality and like to be out and about. 

Multifunctional sleeping bag

At first glance, the gorgeously soft Voksi Carry looks like a portable sleeping bag, but this product is so much more than that:

1. Foldable carry cot
 The Voksi Carry fits perfectly in the bassinet of your pram. Inside is a sturdy carry board, allowing you to safely move your child around.

If you'd rather use a compact buggy from birth instead of a large, elaborate pram, you can use the Voksi Carry as a soft carry cot. If your baby is still asleep when you get home, you can transfer the carry cot directly to their cot or the playpen.

2. Sleeping bag
When you're on a family holiday, you can use the Voksi Carry as a safe and warm alternative to loose sheets and blankets.

Tip: follow the example of Scandinavian families and use it to let your child nap outside! Your little one will be nice and warm and the fresh air will improve their sleep.

3. Footmuff
The Voksi Carry grows with your child and can be adjusted to your child's height. This way you can create a cosy nest for a newborn and have a soft footmuff until the age of 3.

4. Play mat
You can open up the carry cot completely. Because of the soft padding, this makes Voksi Carry the ideal play mat when you're out (or just at home)!

Voksi Carry cot, sleeping bag

Here we've made a list of the advantages of a Voksi Carry:

  • Voksi guarantees soft, high-quality items for babies and children.
  • The Carry is much lighter and more compact than the bassinet of a standard pram.
  • It's suitable for newborns. As soon as your child weighs 9 kg, you can remove the carry board and from then on you can use the Voksi Carry as a footmuff, sleeping bag or play mat until your child is roughly 3 years old.
  • You can use the Voksi Carry all year round.
  • Easy to maintain, the Voksi Carry can be washed at 60° and put in the tumble dryer.
  • It is made of durable, warm materials, namely cotton and a filling of recycled polyester.
  • By using the Voksi Carry in combination with a compact buggy, you save the costs of buying a standard (often larger) pram!

The Voksi Carry is available in 2 colours. Discover them now!

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