At what age should my child stop using a car seat?

You can use a group 2/3 car seat from the age of about 4 years (or a height of 1 m). Highback booster car seats from BeSafe will protect children up to the age of approximately 12 years (or 1.35 m in height). By following these steps, you will know if it’s safe to transport your child without a car seat.

In both Belgium and the Netherlands, it’s compulsory for any child up to 1.35 m in height to be transported in a car seat. The following steps will help you to check whether it’s completely safe to transport your child without using a car seat.

Step 1: check the regulations for the car seat

This information can usually be found on the bottom of the seat.

  • UN R219/i-Size Standard: these car seats can be used until the child is 1.5m tall.
  • ECE R44-04 Standard: your child can use the car seat until they weigh 36 kg.

Step 2: check how your child sits in the seat

The "5 points" checklist makes it easy to see if your child is ready to travel without using a car seat. Can you tick off all the following points? If so, then it’s safe to transport your child without a car seat. Is there still one point that you can’t tick off? Then it’s best to use the car seat for a while longer.

The "5 points" checklist:

  1. When your child is sitting in the seat, do they have their back against the backrest?
  2. Do your child's knees fold comfortably over the edge of the car seat while their back is against the backrest?
  3. Does the lap belt sit properly on the pelvis and not around their tummy?
  4. Does the seat belt sit properly over their shoulder – not too close to the neck and not sliding off their shoulder?
  5. Does your child understand how to sit properly, without leaning forward or sprawling in the seat?

The iZi Flex Fix i-Size can be used until your child reaches the height of 1.5m. A car seat will provide extra protection at the sides, so it’s a good idea to use it for as long as possible. The iZi Flex Fix i-Size is also really slender, meaning you can use up to 3 car seats next to each other!

Useful accessories for journeys

The TIMIO audio player provides hours of fun for long car journeys. It’s also really useful when the children use headphones. That way, the rest of the family can do their own thing without being disturbed!

The handy BeSafe seat protector not only keeps your car seat clean, but also functions as a tablet holder. This way, your child can quietly enjoy watching a movie and their feet won't dirty the seats.

Thirsty? The OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle is an anti-leak water bottle for older children. The rotating cap ensures that the straw is protected and stays clean, while the hook means you can easily hang up the bottle.

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