Playing indoors with your children? Long live MODU!

Are your children fed up with playing outside? Don’t feel like reading another book or is screen time up? The BABYmatters Team has the ultimate tip to keep your children entertained indoors for hours, because our durable MODU toy blocks are guaranteed to give children between 0 and 6 hours of fun!

A single set of modular MODU blocks will challenge children of many different ages, on a creative and motor level and everyone at its own pace. As with LEGO, you can build creations in accordance with the enclosed booklet or start free-building. Need a bit more inspiration? The BABYmatters Team is happy to help!

1. The MODU Obstacle Course

MODU's sustainable blocks are made of EVA foam and are very soft to the touch. It makes them perfect for a bare-feet course! Line up all your blocks, big and small, build a bridge, secure the wobbly blocks with the rods and off you go! Who’s fastest? And who can do the course blindfolded? Can dad do it too? Good luck!

2. Setting the table with your MODU trolley!

Children don’t always enjoy doing domestic chores and that’s an understatement! But what if you first build a trolley made of modular blocks? Put on some caster wheels and controls. I bet that when they can set the table with the help of their MODU car, they’re more than happy to race up and down between the kitchen and the dinner table! Go, go, go!

3. Having a picnic with MODU


Swap roles and organise an indoor picnic! First use your MODU blocks to build a table and use two smaller blocks for stools. Let your children think and build. Don’t only challenge them from a creative point of view but also from a motor point of view. It’s not a lot of work because building a real table doesn’t take a lot of time. Having a picnic in your own living room, isn’t that exciting?

And after all that excitement, it's time to have a bath! Are your children not entirely thrilled about the prospect of having a bath? Perhaps you can convince them if they can bring their MODU blocks. Because MODU blocks are fine to play with in the shower or bath, you can clean them and they're fun too. Make sure you let them dry well after cleaning them. Once dry, your children can start building again!

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